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Alchymia is a luxury new classical brand that specializes in exclusive Made In Italy decorative panels and furniture including coffee tables, cabinets, sofas and nightstands.

Alchymia’s decorative panels and furniture are made for luxurious private homes as well as communal spaces. The stunning decoration and attention to detail that is incorporated in to Alchymia’s decorative panels and furniture has allowed the brand to become market leader in the design and development of ultra luxurious new classical panels and furniture.

This brand, from the prestigious manufacturing region of Monza Brianza in the north of Italy uses only the highest quality materials including golf leaf plating, exclusive leathers, woods and fabrics to ensure exquisite and magnificent products.

The stunning customizable service that that Alchymia brand offers allows the brand to incorporate the client in to the design and development of the unique customized panels and furniture to allow for a stunning high quality interior design. 

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