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Eurooo collaborates with top architects and interior designers, to make available to its clients a team of talented professionals. The designers team will offer a consultation service to the customers, advising about interior design solutions and creating a complete and coherent project, using their professional skills to meet the clients’ needs and tastes.

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Eurooo collaborates with more than 4000 luxury brands from
Europe and all over the world, and completed several high-end
interior design and construction projects. Take a look at some
of our most beautiful and successful project in this section.


Savio Firmino: for a luxurious and romantic bedroom!

Discover the Savio Firmino products delivered in China by Eurooo


Innovation also stops here!

The Eurooo project in Shenzhen.


Another project in Beijing for Eurooo

Discover the products delivered in Beijing by Eurooo


Furnish your children's bedroom according to their personality with Dolfi

Do you want to furnish your kids' bedroom but don't know where to start from? Dolfi thinks about everything! Discover the complete collection and the products delivered by Eurooo.


Our project at the Poly Hyde Park in Beijing

Discover the products delivered during this recent project in China.


Luxury and simplicity: a wide-ranging combination

Discover the recent Eurooo project in Shanghai


Alivar: minimalist and modern furniture

Discover the Eurooo project in China with some Alivar products


Porada: the love for wood in the Chinese style

The project by Eurooo in Hangzhou with some Porada products


EUROOO is an online platform that provides high-end customizable luxury furniture and building materials, especially from Europe, to customers from all over the world, located in Milan, which is famous for its furniture design and handcrafted artisans also where one of worlds’ largest furniture trade fair takes place - Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile).

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    EUROOO is a sister concern of Casaitaliana, which was founded in the year 1999, the chairman of both the companies - Wu Ruijun initiated the business with a small warehouse in Italy, shaping Casaitaliana into the 1st e-commerce company in the sector of Luxury Furnitures in China. Since then, the company has been achieving milestones every year, with an annual turnover of 16 Million US dollars in FY 2017.

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    Eurooo offers a large array of customizable luxury furniture, to meet any client’s needs and tastes. We aim to provide you with interior design of any kind of style: from classic, to modern, minimalist etc., to furnish every room of the house. Our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized consultation service, taking care of the logistics, the delivery process and the installation ourselves.

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    Our website offer over 80,000 products, including furniture, decorations and building materials, from more than 4,000 European and international brands. We constantly work to find new high-end brands and luxury companies, encouraging suppliers and manufactures to partner up with this promising company, so that you always stay up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design.


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    10 natural materials you can use for your home décor

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  • Eurooo project in Nanjing

    Eurooo project in Nanjing

    Discover the recent project of Eurooo in China.

  • Two projects by Eurooo in Shanghai

    Two projects by Eurooo in Shanghai

    Discover the Eurooo projects in China.

  • Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design

    Molteni&C – a story of Italian furniture design

    Molteni&C is a famous Italian furniture brand that has already become a true icon of style and quality, creating original and unique designs for contemporary homes.

  • There is always room for Le Zie di Milano!

    There is always room for Le Zie di Milano!

    Eurooo meets Le Zie di Milano: custom-made furniture for a man-sized house (or an aunt!).

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    Film and Furniture - The 5 best movie furniture designs of all time

    Let’s find out together some famous and stylish furniture designs that were featured in movies and TV series.

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