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Eurooo collaborates with top architects and interior designers, to make available to its clients a team of talented professionals. The designers team will offer a consultation service to the customers, advising about interior design solutions and creating a complete and coherent project, using their professional skills to meet the clients’ needs and tastes.

Fu Yunjing

Modern, Classical, New Classical, Post Modern

Zhao Hongyan

Modern, Classical, New Classical, Post-Modern

Giuseppe Grande



Eurooo collaborates with more than 4000 luxury brands from
Europe and all over the world, and completed several high-end
interior design and construction projects. Take a look at some
of our most beautiful and successful project in this section.


High-level trend and boundless classicism

Maxalto and B&B Italia: two brand brothers with a precise research and an original design in common


Minotti and Poliform: sobriety in the modern minimalist style!

On April 16, 2018, EUROOO has completed the installation and the delivery of some products as part of the project for the furnishing of the housing units of the Hongshuxi'an residential complex in Shenzhen! The products delivered this time are Minotti dining tables, Poliform chairs, cushions and leather stools.


The design defines the brand, the details define the quality!

The keywords for Natuzzi and Poliform are design and quality.


Don’t forget to furnish your bathroom!

The bathroom is an essential part of the house. While furnishing, we always pay attention on choosing the perfect furniture for our living room or our kitchen, often ignoring bathroom’s products, which are fundamental as well. An orderly and clean bathroom provides its inhabitants a welcoming place, so choosing the perfect furniture is extremely important.


Versace: furniture as a luxury product. A successful experiment?

On 4th June 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and the installation of some products of the Zhongxin Junting project in Shanghai. The products sent and installed in this occasion are Versace sofas, footrests and armchairs.


I would like to go back to childhood for these furnitures!

On July 22, 2018, EUROOO completed the distribution and the installation of the products at the Shenzhen Swan Castle. The products distributed this time include DOLFI beds, bedside tables, bookcases and poufs.


Ligne Roset, relax and elegance

For the most, the LIGNE ROSET brand is synonymous with luxury and represents an elegant lifestyle. Known for working with cutting-edge contemporary designers, LIGNE ROSET also offers its lifestyle choices, combining its furniture collection with decorative accessories, lighting, carpets, textiles and other items.


With a classical-style Italian sofa you will never be so at ease!

Everyday life is always a bit chaotic. Coming back home exhausted you need a comfortable sofa on which you can lie down, relax and activate all the positive energy you have inside your body!


EUROOO is an online platform that provides high-end customizable luxury furniture and building materials, especially from Europe, to customers from all over the world, located in Milan, which is famous for its furniture design and handcrafted artisans also where one of worlds’ largest furniture trade fair takes place - Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile).

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    Our website offer over 80,000 products, including furniture, decorations and building materials, from more than 4,000 European and international brands. We constantly work to find new high-end brands and luxury companies, encouraging suppliers and manufactures to partner up with this promising company, so that you always stay up-to-date with the latest trends in interior design.

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    Eurooo offers a large array of customizable luxury furniture, to meet any client’s needs and tastes. We aim to provide you with interior design of any kind of style: from classic, to modern, minimalist etc., to furnish every room of the house. Our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized consultation service, taking care of the logistics, the delivery process and the installation ourselves.

  • About | Eurooo l European Furniture Online Store


    EUROOO is a sister concern of Casaitaliana, which was founded in the year 1999, the chairman of both the companies - Wu Ruijun initiated the business with a small warehouse in Italy, shaping Casaitaliana into the 1st e-commerce company in the sector of Luxury Furnitures in China. Since then, the company has been achieving milestones every year, with an annual turnover of 16 Million US dollars in FY 2017.


  • Christmas is close, don’t waste the chance to present a funny, trendy decoration

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  • Extravagant luxury design: the Eurooo project in Shanghai

    Extravagant luxury design: the Eurooo project in Shanghai

    Longhi furniture is installed at the Lujiazui residence in Shanghai, China

  • The neoclassical style for an elegant and serene home

    The neoclassical style for an elegant and serene home

    The best way to enjoy a neoclassical style house, which is elegant and serene, is to choose the Made in Italy quality: Smania, Baxter, Roberto Cavalli and Longhi are leading brands in this field!

  • Leather sofas produced by Baxter

    Leather sofas produced by Baxter

    Baxter is worldwide renowned for its luxury sofas, here an overview of some of the most iconic leather sofas produced during the years

  • Doca, your luxury customizable kitchen

    Doca, your luxury customizable kitchen

    Classic or contemporary kitchens, Doca is a benchmark in the world of customizable kitchens, thanks to the smart use of materials and the great taste for style.

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