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Eurooo Commercial Partners' Meeting – 7th edition September 2018

Eurooo Commercial Partners' Meeting – 7th edition September 2018

We are living in the future, are you?

Today's generation believes in plastic money and digital cash.  Gone are the days when people used to carry huge amount of cash with fears in their eyes, but thanks to the modernization and digitalization, we are all done with this fear for good.  Today, at the ECPM meeting 7th edition, we all discussed about how e-commerce and digitalization has a much greater potential than the traditional formula: it guarantees transparency for the clients, who can compare the information with other sources, it can provide a larger number of options, that no real shop could ever have in stock, and it has an expectation of growth far superior to traditional methods.


The meeting was divided in three main parts which were (i) introduction of all our platforms (ii) speech by the chairman of the company Mr. Wu Ruijun (iii) Open Q&A.  The chairman, in his speech, narrated how he got the idea about funding and investing in ecommerce platforms when nobody even heard of it.  Now, we are living in the future where it is impossible to imagine a world without ecommerce.  With so advanced technologies and in a generation which believes in going cashless, people don't want to be behind.  Everyone wants to be the part of the race and everyone wants to win, but is that really possible? Well to answer that, our chairman responded that only the best man with all the correct intention and equipments can win.  You be honest to your customers' and they would be loyal to you and may be even bring back more of the customers to you.


After two very large and successful international exhibition for furniture – Habitat in Valencia, Spain and Cersaie in Bologna, Italy, Eurooo and Casaitaliana collectively gathered around more than 400 brands in just 2 days, which is quite an achievement for the e-commerce industry.  The successful collaboration means definitely a larger market and larger audience to promote multi-brand website showcasing more than 80000 products some in stock and some for customize production.


Eurooo started to provide hundreds of customers all over the world with high-end furniture and luxury products, and so much more. The company, in fact, offers a tailored service to every client, supporting him from the choice of the brands, through the quotation and the preventive, to the shipping and installing. Eurooo was the first e-commerce company to provide a complete service starting from the year 2010.



It is always important to remember how the company started, in order to have a clear vision of its values. That is why the history of the Casaitaliana company was summed up in the ECPM (Eurooo Commercial Partners Meeting): from its birth in 2010 in Ravenna, to its new branches in many cities of China and its Eurooo offices in Milan. Casaitaliana and Eurooo grew together and made each other stronger, gaining the trust of markets all over the world, from China, to Europe, to Asia and America.  Eurooo was launched in November 2016, aiming to provide the customers from all over the world, not only with high quality luxury furniture products, but also with a complete service: right from interior designing to quotation, ordering finalizing to shipping and finally delivering to the end customer and assembling.



The company is meticulous and diligent in supporting the customer in every step, verifying the quality of the product and the client’s requirements. Eurooo’s marketing team works every day to promote each and every single brand on its platform, investing resources in creating specific strategies to gain visibility on the high-end products market.


On this platform, we display the best quality couture furniture and bespoke construction materials available for our customers from around the world. Our website generates 70 to 80 online requests from at least 10 different countries each day.  We offer our manufacturers free promotion and branding on 16 different social media platforms (Facebook, InstagramTwitter, LinkedInGoogle Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Quora, Wikihow, Blogger, Wordpress, VKontakte, Wix, StumbleUpon) in 11 different languagesEnglish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.



Eurooo S.r.l pays for all the promotions on Google AdWords and other social media platforms, which means it’s a free service for all the manufacturers collaborated with us. We randomly choose brands for banner advertisement on our website, which is absolutely free.


More than 25 brands were representated in the meeting today and we are all very excited to collaborate and promote some new brands and products which are loved by the millions across the globe.  These brands specialize in furniture, lighting, ceramics, marble, flooring, outdoor, construction material and many more.

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