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6 Top European brands whom we call trendsetters in 2018

6 Top European brands whom we call trendsetters in 2018

Let your mind open wide and your thoughts roam freely.

Some brands become trendsetters strongly oriented to the research of pure design, conceived through the research of materials and the most innovative production techniques but always originated from a concept, a flash, a creative breath, primary seed in the birth of every product destined to become an icon.  Many products of Domodinamica have been and, in some cases, still are, on show at top international design museums, such as the Moma Design museum in New York city, the museum Des Arts Decoratif Du Louvre in Paris, the Triennale Museum in Milan and the Farnesina Design Collection in Rome.


 Armchair by Domodinamica

The design of the furniture adapts its shape to your moods for a luxuriously comfortable seating.  This unique and comfortable armchair became an instant classic; now, year after year, it finds its place in the most stylish rooms in the world. moveable joints allow you to turn this fantastic armchair into a cosy chaise-longue: arrange and rearrange the arms and overall shape to adjust your position is available in more than thirty colours and three different finishes.


Wooden flooring or parquet by Tagina


Tagina has always been associated with big names in Italian and international style to give a unique personality to its products. In more recent years this is a vocation that has consolidated into a true design-oriented culture. Thanks to this attitude, products were born in which style, functionality and technology are united by a single thought producing authentic innovations, imitated all over the world. The use of the Tagina products is nowadays extending from the private home to the commercial and community spaces to offer customized and highly specialized solutions to the international contract market.  Search no more for a perfect and true Italian brand for ceramics and tiles.



Outdoor furniture and flooring by Atmosphera

All materials used in outdoor collections are suitable for outdoor living. In fact, they resist abundant temperature variations, are resistant to UV rays, water, salt and atmospheric agents in general. Atmosphera recommends covering or stowing the products indoors during the winter for a longer duration. All products have a natural wear over time, but can be regenerated with specific kits. The textile coverings are produced with high quality Italian fabrics suitable for outdoor resistance, guaranteed for eight years and manufactured by Atmosphera in Italy.


Lighting solution by Lucas&Lucas 

The work of Lucas&Lucas shows a clear vision on functionality and a consious use of material. The design duo is inspired by objects from everyday life. By adjusting, adding and combining, the two designers create new products and finish them with a special eye for detail.


Woodwaves Credenza - A multiwood creation

The Wood Waves credenza has been designed for a minimalist living room, which wants to be characterized by the movement and the color of the wooden top. The legs of the table vaguely recall those of classic furniture, but are made modern with the essential lines from which they are composed.  Iwoods ensures that the beauty of Italian design and craftsmanship of wood can find a place in every house in the world.


Plummy sofa and pouf by Ligne Roset 

Totally in the spirit of the Eighties and its' couch potato generation ' elements combine to provide the comfort. Uniquely-designed structure of armchair and settees made from glued-together blocks of polyether foam and Bultex polyurethane foam of different densities.

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