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4 brands you did not know made a grand commercial debut this year.

4 brands you did not know made a grand commercial debut this year.

The international furniture exhibition was the launching pad for these brands.

Mark Oliver is a name which is recently coming up a lot when you talk about superior quality tables for cosy and contemporary home environment.  In their factory, they blend top notch modern technologies with amazing craftsmanship to produce timeless designs, using only durable, natural materials like woods from sustainable sources and metals. They see beauty in each tiny detail, that’s why they often pick woods with visible knots that give character and uniqueness to every single piece they create.

Mark oliver1.jpg

Lighting and dining room composition by Mark Oliver

A high degree of customization is their distinctive mark. They know each individual and household is unique and has specific needs. They address those needs by giving you the opportunity to choose between various colorful bases for your dining table and mix it with tops of different wood textures or sizes. To this day they have come to over 400 possibilities and still counting, ranging from sleek designs to industrial looks. They continue to develop further with high respect towards the materials they use and the environment.

BREUER BONO supermundane is an Austrian furniture label with a strongly pronounced aesthetic claim. The pieces are designed and developed in depth exclusively by Martin Breuer-Bono and manufactured in small batches by local craftsmen using carefully selected materials.   It is an attempt to create a minimal structure to hold books. And to challenge the conventional notion of what a bookcase is. To hold a book, you do not need more than to support the centre of gravity. When you incline the system, the stored books are taken into a stable equilibrium. By using the wall to place the books against, these shelves can do with very little built structure. The wall is integrated into the object without being part of it. You end up with a completely new typology conveying a strong sculptural claim.


A signature style bookshelf by Breuer Bono.

The immediately perceived sacral connotation gives weight and relevance to the very light and discreet object. The products are developed in Graz, Austria, and is hand-made from selected deciduous trees in Salzburg und Graz.  Materials used walnut, oak or ash, oiled sheet steel, powder coated.


While the aesthetic appeal is a treat for the eyes, visual appeal must always take second place to comfort. As a master upholsterer of 20 years’ standing, Fabien Sieffert chose to work with vinyl as a covering, because it is extremely hardwearing (with a thickness between 1mm and 5mm), pleasantly tactile and easy to maintain.  Every chair benefit from excellent ergonomics and comfort that is enhanced by the soft, chrome or gold-plated springs within the seat.  Fabien Sieffert produces custom-made armchairs.  Materials, colours, trim and finish can all be customised so that you can treat yourself to a unique piece of furniture, created especially for your room.

Fabien Sieffert.jpg

A classic amrchair handcrafted by Fabien Sieffert

Estemporaneo Design. An experience to create furniture with strong decorative appeal, offering a style based on various patterns, shapes and details expressed through cultured and refined design. Workmanship and details evoke embroidery, digital graphics, upholstery and fashion, all sharing entirely unique features.


 HEX living room composition by Estemporaneo Design.

A playful decoration, a repeated pattern and a black and white contrast: these are the features of HEX. Black and white combined with briarwood and furniture units evoke the 1950s, yet this collection re-introduces contemporary and visionary appeal. Hence, this gives rise to slanted tops, as if all pieces were made of large playing cards, with extra-large tassels that protrude from surfaces and a flight of butterflies and golden bees, features that make these furniture units protagonists of a unique living scenario of fairy-tale characters. Chairs and armchairs enhance the playful effect, like a king and queen of an enchanted place. Impossible and hypnotic worlds are evoked such as those of Escher, yet here everything is stable thanks to the choice of prestigious materials and fine workmanship, since lightness and strength are the essential features of the Hex collection.

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