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Vitra in our platform

Vitra in our platform

Some Vitra's products you can find in our platform.

VITRA is a Swiss family-owned company dedicated to improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design. The great importance given to design is clearly represented by their campus, with buildings by some of the best architects in the world, that fast attracted their fans from all over the world.

On our platform you can find some of the most iconic products of their brand like chair and armchair, a perfect instance of what they mean by innovation and combination.

Let’s first introduce two very important figures: Ray and Charles Eames.

They were a married couple and during the early 60’s they designed chairs whose shell could be combined with different bases. That kind of chair nowadays is still considered archetype of this genre.

The first class of products you will find in our platform is named Vitra Aluminium chair and there are three different models: EA 117, EA 118 (both have the sitting position specifically thought for table-oriented activities), EA 119 (distinguishable by its higher backrest).

aluminium chair - office - living room

Aluminium Chairs EA 117/118/119 by Charles & Ray Eames

The choice of aluminium was taken not only for its lightweight feature but also for its water-resistance quality. These chairs actually were meant for both indoor and outdoor use

They are the task chairs in the Aluminium Group. What makes them special is the tilt mechanism in seat  which can be adjusted to the weight of the user, providing a perfect comfort.

Moreover covers are available in several different colours, making easy to find best combination office-chair.

Charles and Ray also designed a different kind of chair, named DSR Chair (Dining Height Side Chair Rod Base), famous for the so-called Eiffel tower base, an intricate and graceful construction made by steel wire.

DSR Chair - outdoor - living room

DSR Chair by Charles & Ray Eames

This chair is the perfect combination of light, elegant forms and structural strength. The wide range of choice for colors and upholstery allows this classic product to be adapted to every single need and preference of any customer.

Another product you will find in our platform is the DSW Chair (Dining Height Side Chair Wood Base). This time Charles and Ray combined the organically shaped seat shell with a four-legged wooden base. Ideal for the dining room, the pairing of plastic and wood gives the classic design a certain warmth and a casual appeal.

DSW chair - living room - indoor

DSW Chair by Charles & Ray Eames

The seat shells can be fitted with seat cushions or full upholstery in a wide selection of fabric colors, enabling a multitude of individual configurations.

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