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The relation between you and your apartment

The relation between you and your apartment

Don’t make the mistake to undervalue the importance of what you have in your house, all your goods say something of you.

Have you ever thought that your apartment gives people a precise image of yourself?  I hope you had, because this is exactly what happens every time somebody gets into your house.

If you had not, well this is not a problem, you still have time to fix it.

First of all, it must be clear in your mind what kind of person you are. Do you consider yourself classic or modern? Do you keep up with times or you are still tied to the ancient times?

All the furniture you have in your apartment  says something about you, so try to make evidence of your personality.

Let’s think about a bedroom, the most intimate room in a house. How would you furnish it?

If you like the Made in Italy,  you can’t help to consider brands like DBF , Francesco Molon, or Mario Galimberti. They are all Italians Luxury furniture Brands, and they all recall the old Italian way to furnish houses.

bed - bedroom - italian - madeinitaly

Cimabue carved bed by Mario Galimberti

Classical bed with capitonné headboard upholstered in fabric. Double bed with structure in wood, decapé lacquered gold leaf finish. Perfect for a classical bedroom.

If you like this kind of furniture , then have a look to Francesco Molon’s tables, meant also for your living room.

writing desk - bedroom - living room - francesco molon

Writing desk by Francesco Molon

What else would fit perfectly in your Italian classical bedroom?

This elegant high-end hand-carved sofa highlights DBF is for customers who have a passion for timeless beauty and uncompromised quality.

hand carved sofa - beauty couch - bedroom - living room

Hand-carved sofa  by DBF

On the other hand, nowadays lot of people prefer to furnish their own apartments with modern products, let the tradition go and explore new concepts and shapes.

Let’s introduce Bruno Piombini, which represents the best of the Made in Italy label, the excellence of furniture craftsmanship and is always striving for innovative solutions to keep furniture in line with changing lifestyles. Its customers don’t want to be left behind.

bed - bedroom - modern - piombini

Modern bed  by Bruno Piombini

wooden wardrobe - bedroom - madeinitaly - piombini

Wooden wardrobe by Bruno Piombini

Mario Piombini started shaping and bringing to life artistic furniture in the province of Verona, traditional place for wooden furniture.

If you don’t like patterns, I would seriously consider FRAUFLEX, an Italian brand born in 1952. Its new collection is inspired by the needs of the end user of the third millennium and leads to the creation of new ideas and stylistic developments and techniques.

bed - bedroom - style - design - frauflex

Arabesque B Bed by Frauflex

We firmly believe in the power of furniture, and that’s why you can find in our platforms more than 4000 brands and over 80.000 products.

Don’t waste your time and don’t leave anything to chance. Furnish your apartment as a perfect mirror of your personality.

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