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Focus on Ultom office furniture

Focus on Ultom office furniture

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Tombolan Italian family founded Ultom in 1982, a company which produces high-end furniture for offices.

The guideline for the company is the great importance given to the environment. The way we furnish our offices deeply influence the performance we reach. They believe in the chance to improve our life conditions and our performances by choosing the right piece of furniture and the right color.

Expert craftsmen carefully select all the raw materials with particular attention to their quality and origin, awareness of the environmental problems.

The place of work is where the new technologies and operations require integrated furniture systems, together with flexibility and functionality.

In response to these requirements, let’s see some of the latest Ultom creations for the office.

wall cabinet - office - colours - modern


Solid matter, pure shapes, it is essential and statuesque with a sculptural presence. It’s essence of time and design, symbolizes the changes around us and our way of living modern life. Available in different shapes and colours. Customization is always a keyword.

Writing desk - office - modern - design


TLEG is conceived in metal and it is a range of operational tables and desks .The wide range of shapes and the many different chromatic finishes create comfortable and harmonious working atmosphere without giving up practicality and flexibility. The dividing screens, the shelves and the suspended metal accessories organize and order the work station.

Table - desk - office - wooden - luxury


MODI respects the history of the office desk and analyses it in every detail, touches the main features , respectful of the past but striving to go ahead.  Designers observed the archetypal desk, a top with two supports, and decided to reshape it from the bottom. The special wood-engraving technique emphasizes other possibilities of expression in the wood.  Anything not strictly necessary was eliminated, to make it more versatile and dynamic.

Ultom during the last years became a benchmark for the production of office furniture, find out more in our platform.

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