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Halloween is not scary if the light is on

Halloween is not scary if the light is on

Trick or treat? During Halloween no tricks if you go for Slamp high-end lamps.

Slamp was founded in 1994 with the aim to create a business offering high-quality lamps, made with patented and innovative materials, which let the customer immediately recognize a Slamp product.

Slamp doesn’t want to stop its rise, it has become one of the most renowned brand in this field. It’s a point of reference for customers who dream to possess a sought-after, exclusive lamp, doesn’t make any difference if we are talking about floor lamps, table lamps or wall lamps.

Slamp captures the most current trends, draws on the natural world, on architectonic, sartorial virtuosity and on artistic developments, transforms them into luminous objects, which are both suggestive and versatile. This is thanks to the use of a new generation of materials and special manual assembly of parts that, once put together, give life to a luxurious, figurative panorama.

table lamp - lighting - high quality


Part of the Liza collection, this table lamp is considered a masterpiece.  Iconic, baroque-inspired, it is available in the classic Prisma version. It has a double illumination system, creating contrasts of light and shadows that give depth and warmth to any space. It's shape make it ideal for your living room or bedroom.


Floor lamp - lighting - living room


Flora floor lamp is part of the collection which takes inspiration by the Monstera Deliciosa plant. Sixty petals surround a satin sphere illuminated from its core. This model is available both as a suspension version as well as a ground version. The petals’ shiny finish, to which has been added gun-metal grey, is achieved through an innovative aluminum vapourization system that creates an evocative play on light.

wall lamp - lighting - living room - luxury


Clizia Pixel is covered in a white, tech-inspired pattern. The white dusting inside let the lamp perform better and distribute the light without glare. It also has a magnetic system that make the installation and cleaning really easy. Ideal as a wall lamp, it might be used also as a suspension version.

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