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I would like to go back to childhood for these furnitures!

I would like to go back to childhood for these furnitures!

On July 22, 2018, EUROOO completed the distribution and the installation of the products at the Shenzhen Swan Castle. The products distributed this time include DOLFI beds, bedside tables, bookcases and poufs.

Having a space for oneself is the dream of every child, and the possibility of being able to offer them a free, warm and safe environment is the desire of every parent. What makes the environment cozy for the little ones is the comfort of the furnishings. But what are the furnishings that children love most? And where can they be found?


On July 22, 2018, EUROOO completed the installation of DOLFI products at the Swan Castle Ville in Shenzhen. The products sent and installed in this occasion are sofas, bedside tables, bookcases and poufs.


DOLFI beds, bedside tables and bookcases:

The Italian brand DOLFI, with its artistic refinement and noble and elegant temperament, has become one of the most renowned brands of furniture in wood and soft furniture. DOLFI furniture for children introduces a new bedroom experience thanks to the safety of eco-friendly materials, exquisite craftmanship and appealing designs.

The predominant color is white, while pink is added as embellishment to give a touch of freshness to a more feminine atmosphere. The shapes, simple and smooth, look for a calm and natural charm, and emphasize the character of a child's bedroom.


For children, a good bed carries the precious memories of growth, and witnesses the changes in the child's body and mind. DOLFI children's bed, through the tailor-made design, strict control of every detail to ensure health and harmless, the pursuit of creativity and fun, guarantee the creation of an ideal paradise for every child.



DOLFI bedside tables, in addition to having a smooth and slender design, also possess the classic gracefulness of the curves; these two characteristics blend harmoniously, creating a simple and elegant beauty.

Bedside table


The DOLFI bookcase maintains the characteristics of the bedside table design, thus creating a unique and harmonious environment. The partition of the space for the shelves has been specifically designed to have moderate distances, important features for keeping the objects of the room in order.



Bedside table and bookcase


DOLFI pouf:

The DOLFI pouf is a highly practical piece of furniture that can be used as a seat, as well as a side table or coffee table. Small and exquisite in the bedroom, it does not occupy space and becomes a clever decoration in the living room.


DOLFI poufs are suitable for measurements, heights and dimensions sought by every user. The soft and delicate poufs embellish and make the bedroom livelier.

Children's imagination has no limits; a refined and fun furniture can help to stimulate their creativity and imagination. For this reason, we must choose healthy, eco-sustainable, safe, reliable and practical furnitures for our children.

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