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You can not turn off some lights!

You can not turn off some lights!

When lamps become ideal solutions to create the right atmosphere at all times.

"Winter is coming" is the motto of the Stark family in the famous American TV series Game of Thrones. And even this year, winter is really coming, and with it days are  getting colder, gloomier and darker. What's more rewarding, after a day's work, than going home and being pampered by the warmth of the lights of our house. The importance of the lamp is often underestimated in the furnishing of a room, but the lamps are indispensable objects in our life, and their position in the living room, or in the different rooms, their design and the intensity of light that emanate, can create the most different atmospheres and for every situation, from a more formal context to a more romantic or relaxed one.

If you do not yet have an idea how to make your next dinner with friends more relaxed, or if you need inspiration to create a more festive Christmas climate for you and your children, or only if you want to enjoy a good book on the sofa, take a look at the models of floor lamps we propose.



MM Lampadari is a solid reality in the production of lamps; the variety of their articles makes them a point of reference for any type of needs. Each item is entirely handmade produced  with technologies that respect the ancient traditions of metalworking, associated with the most innovative solutions in the field of lighting. The ESSE model, for example, is characterized by the combination of a Murano glass diffuser and a metal structure that, against all appearances, makes it light and very decorative.

ESSE - MM Lampadari



Even if the name could suggest an exotic origin, KUNDALINI is an talian company. Each product is created and developed according to a precise philosophy and a creative and technological path that combines an unconventional and innovative approach to the experience of every working process. The rich collection of KUNDALINI products is due to the various collaborations between interior designers, young talents and professional architects who share the same enthusiasm the company has.




CONTARDI is a company in business since 1978; the longevity of this brand is essentially due to the seriousness and precision with which every step of production is carried out, from the initial design to the realization of the finished object. In a few years, CONTARDI has become an important reality in the niche market of luxurious, refined and fashionable decoration.

CUBE - Contardi




ANDCOSTA is an Italian brand active in the interior lighting market since 2000. The design of ANDCOSTA products is innovative and contemporary. The production takes advantage of the professional craftsmen's expert hands and the precision of the machinery for mass production. In search of the light that illuminates the contemporary world, ANDCOSTA aims at the precise definition of every detail.

MECANO F2200 - Andcosta

Mecano F2200

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