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The importance of details in your house

The importance of details in your house

Last but not least: when furnishing a house, focus on details is extremely important.

When you start furnishing a house obviously your mind goes first to the main rooms, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room and all the related products that are essential for the everyday life.

Once all these things are ready, you should start thinking about the details, those tiny things that make an apartment your personal apartment. Lot of people undervalue the importance of decorations both for the beauty of the house and their own happiness. Don’t make the same mistake!

The range of choice for decorations is various: plants, mirrors, carpets, paintings, it’s a never ending list.   

Now you will be probably thinking about what kind of decorations could suit your house; no worries, we will give you some tips to choose the right product for the most appropriate environment.

If you want to make your living room cozier, the best way to achieve it, is to use a carpet.

What kind of carpet? It depends on the style of the room.

Oriental carpet


Oriental Carpet by Jan Kath

Jan Kath is a German brand, leader in the production of classic carpets. Its products are entirely hand-knotted and most of them take inspiration from the oriental world, whose domain expertise is widely renowned.

The carpet in the picture is part of the “erased heritage” collection, which is a tribute to the tradition. This carpet is in its element if paired with a refined living room. The combination inspires a feeling of warmth.

Leather Carpet

Leather Carpet by Parentesi Quadra

If you want to give an artistic touch to your living room, then leave aside the traditional oriental carpets and focus on Parentesi Quadra. It’s an Italian Brand which set up its activity nearly 100 years ago. Their experience let them customize every single product making easier the choice of the customer. Unconventional shapes and colors are always welcome by their manufacturers.

This carpet is made of cow leather with pony finishing with the patchwork technique.

Artexa Carpet

Veneziano Carpet by Artexa

The third carpet you will read about is by Artexa, an Italian brand operating since 1979, whose passion for the tradition and attention to raw materials make it stand out.

Veneziano, the name of the collection, doesn’t allow misunderstanding. We are talking about a carpet which combines the tradition and style of Venice with the modernity of the tufting technique. The result is a last generation carpet, enduring and fascinating. The ideal environment for this carpet respects its features, style and tradition with an eye for the modernity.


Bel Air Carpet

Bel Air Carpet by Edition Bougainville

The last brand we will talk about today is Edition Bougainville.

It is a French brand of carpets which takes inspiration by the so-called “Grandeur”. This collection has actually the aim to celebrate the magnificence of the French history, and they recall it by modernizing or reproducing carpets that were widely spread during the 17th century.

This carpet presents a classic French design inspired by Louis XIV style. Hard to match with a modern apartment, it is highly recommended to respect its features by placing it in a similar environment.



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