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Bye bye stress: a bathtub for a happy life

Bye bye stress: a bathtub for a happy life

A short journey in the comfort and quality of the bathtubs of the leading European brands in the sector.

These days, haunted by daily stress, taking a relaxing bath is a good way to stretch out the troubles we are forced to face every day. Taking some time for yourself, lying in the bathtub, is one of the most recommended solutions, and it provides numerous therapeutic benefits to both the body and the mind. In addition, the bathtub can be the cornerstone of the entire bathroom, becoming a piece of furniture that determines its style and spaces. The bathtub available on the market today are numerous, and with different styles, shapes and materials. Which bathtub should you choose for your home? In this article we present you four Italian brands that have created their success from the design of bathroom furniture and bathroom products.



ANTONIO LUPI is one of the most renowned names in the bathroom furniture sector. Creativity, strong desire to innovate day by day, search for new ideas, are the key words of the company, a must in the production of bathtubs. The oval shape of the Solidea model (in the picture) seems almost to stretch, like a rubber band, and like the symbol of the plasticity research of the Antonio Lupi brand shapes.

SOLIDEA - Antonio Lupi



BETTE, Germany

BETTE is a family-run German company that has a long history in the production of bathroom items since 1952. Bette's bathtubs have the characteristic of having a very fluid design that combines with precision craftsmanship. The Bette Starlet model (in the picture) has a symmetrical oval shape that expresses harmony.


Bette Starlet



The oval bathtubs of the German KALDEWEI harmoniously integrate with every bathroom. The Kaldewei family has been involved in the production and sale of bathroom products for four generations; their commitment has been rewarded by the great success they have achieved all over the world.

VAIO DUO OVAL - Kaldewei 

Vaio Duo Oval


ALBATROS, an Italian brand, bases its bathroom furniture on three simple principles: quality, reliability and durability. The bath tubs that Albatros offers have a characteristic that does not go unnoticed: practicality. Yes, because Albatros bathtubs, besides being of superior quality, are easy to install, use and above all to clean.

SURI 140 – Albatros

Suri 140


The bathtub, perhaps, is relegated a bit 'more in the background compared to the shower, for reasons of space or time, but its mere presence at home instinctively evokes the idea of relaxation and well-being. Having a quality tub is, even more, a panacea for our spirit and our body.

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