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The design defines the brand, the details define the quality!

The design defines the brand, the details define the quality!

The keywords for Natuzzi and Poliform are design and quality.

What luxury brands’ history and culture transmit is to have a precise quality of life, a touch of class but most importantly a modern lifestyle. With an original approach, these brands’ design combines the simplicity, the beauty and the functionality of a product, allowing whoever can afford it to live a new life thanks to an outstanding furniture design.


0n 28th october 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some products in the Baoli Dongjun project in Beijing. The products delivered this time are Natuzzi beds and chest of drawers and Poliform armchairs and tables. 

Natuzzi bed

Dolcevita double bed

Dolcevita double bed by Natuzzi

This Natuzzi bed is a masterpiece created by designers Manzoni and Tapinassi. The comfortable filled headboard recalls the classical style of the famous Italian director Fellini. The sewing lines’ style and the headboard’s buttons represent the solidity and the artistic taste of the past.

Details of Dolcevita bed

Details of Dolcevita double bed by Natuzzi

Interpreting the classical style, all the details have a unique charm and beauty.

Natuzzi chest of drawers of the Munari collection

Chest of drawers

Munari chest of drawers by Natuzzi 

The Munari collection represents the work of designers Manzoni and Tapinassi. The Munari collection includes desks, bedside tables and cupboards. This collection transmits a unique beauty; the simple geometric lines build a design that is simple, low-profile but also elegant. The different 3D design is the peculiarity of the Munari collection. All the furniture, inside and outside, as well as for the combined decorations are well-finished.


All the Munari collection products have an open design, beyond the schemes and with a great impact. 

High-quality materials are the fundamentals of a refined style. High-quality wooden furniture is the best choice for many residences and other housing units. Natuzzi, with its natural materials, does not make any mistake in this sense. This small table’s legs are made by resistant walnut wood and durmast, as well as the box and the surface. Thanks to the wood’s fullness and lucidity and to bright colours, the quality of your bedroom could not be any better.

Poliform chair

Seattle chair

Seattle chair by Poliform

With a continuous seek for a modern and fashion style, Poliform distinguishes itself for its furniture design. Made with high-quality leather and completely handmade, this Poliform chair reflects Poliform’s assiduous research for high-quality and luxury materials and products.

Seattle chair details

Seattle chair details by Poliform

The handmade sewing lines on the side as well as the surface and the chair legs’ precise curving guarantee the perfect comfort and relax. The whole design is original and natural.

Poliform table

Modern dining table

Concorde modern dining table by Poliform

With a continuous research, Poliform tables’ design and manufacturing are never taken for granted. The combination of leather’s care and wood’s simplicity is not contradictory at all. The two materials, instead, perfectly combine, producing harmony and simplicity.

Concorde modern table

Concorde modern table by Poliform

Luxury furniture details and finish have what other furniture doesn’t. the design defines the brand, the details define the quality!


Here are some other appreciated products:

Modern sofa

Modern sofa by Natuzzi

Modern walk-in closet

Ubik modern walk-in closet by Poliform

Ego closet

Ego closet by Poliform

Capriccio sofa bed

Capriccio sofa bed by Natuzzi

Modern single sofa

Modern and minimalist single sofa by Natuzzi

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