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Domus Arte and Reflex: much more than tables

Domus Arte and Reflex: much more than tables

When you have to meet, with your family or at work, you do it at a table. The Italian companies Domus Arte and Reflex offer amazing solutions for any type of table you have in mind.

How many, looking for the right table to furnish their homes, wondered if they could ever find the one that best suited their needs? How many have wondered if it was possible to get a made in Italy table and of excellent quality at a reasonable price? Now it's possible! Domus Arte and Reflex can satisfy your every need!

 Gran Canal 72 - Reflex

Gran Canal 72 - REFLEX


Domus Arte Italia is a leading company in the furniture sector. The history of Domus Arte unfolds through the experience of working solid oak from FSC certified forest trees. All the products of this company are guaranteed and certified, natural and with few glues. The company has long been active on international markets, in particular those of Europe, the United States and Russia.


Fuoco - Domus Arte


The production of the Domus Arte’s tables takes place only on order: all their tables are handmade by expert craftsmen according to customer needs. All tables can be customized and diversification, both in size and color, is adaptable to any request. Moreover, thanks to the countless finishings, each table is absolutely unique and, like an artwork, is able to embellish and enrich every room.


Terra - Domus Arte


The diversity and the singularity of the different styles make it possible to furnish every type of environment.

 Domus Arte realizes every type of furniture, and always with the utmost seriousness, precision, love and conviction in their work.


Pan - Domus Arte



Of Venetian origins, Reflex is born from the love for the glass working in the family glassware. The company has always favored the use of high-quality materials, such as marble, wood or wrought iron; in a second moment, Reflex started to use the glass of the nearby Murano as a base for their tables, to which it added the craftsmanship fused with the latest technology.


Nautilus 72 Special - Reflex

Nautilus 72 Special - REFLEX

Nowadays, Reflex collaborates with important Italian and foreign architects and designers such as Pininfarina, or Andrée Putman, just to name a few. Reflex tables are entirely made by experienced artisans who, with meticulous care, control the precision of every detail during the production process.


Dardo - Reflex

Dardo - REFLEX

Each Reflex table is characterized by an extraordinary sensation of lightness and brightness. Each table represents the perfect synthesis between tradition, research, technology and innovative design.

Arlequin 72 - Reflex

Arlequin 72 - REFLEX

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