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The importance of details in your house: wallpaper

The importance of details in your house: wallpaper

After you carefully selected all the carpets you need, take a breath and match them with the most suitable wallpaper.

Do you know anything about “The yellow wallpaper”? it’s a masterpiece by the American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, in which the main character, a married woman, loses her mind and blames the queer ,yellow wallpaper of her bedroom.

Assuming that none of us want to end up in this way, and that you are the kind of person that stays away from the non-choice of  white, here you will find several different patterns for wallpapers which may catch your attention.

As for the carpets, even the wallpaper identifies a mood, a feeling, something that changes the feature of the room.

The first brand we will talk about is Scion.

Scion is a British brand which set up only in 2012, but whose rise has been absolutely remarkable so far, thanks to the excellence of its designers.


Nuevo wallpaper by Scion

Nuevo collection is directly inspired by Mexican and South American themes and tries to combine them  with flat colour motifs, reminding to the urban mood of these places. The main feature here is a contemporary patchwork effect.  If you want to light up a dark environment, these colorful interlocking shapes are what you were looking for.


Axis wallpaper by Scion

Part of the Spirit and soul collection, the Axis wallpaper recalls the shape of Mr Fox, the iconic stylized animal conceived by their designers. A feeling of happiness is naturally achieved with these blend of colours. These features make the match with the surrounding environment not that hard. 


Jungle wallpaper by Officinarkitettura

The next brand you will read about is Officinarkitettura, an Italian brand created in 2015 which encloses the passion for art, architecture and design. Their wall coverings are all printed with an innovative digital technology. Paired with the right furniture and with the right illumination, it gives a touch of uniqueness to your room. it actually gives the impression to be in the middle of a jungle.

Baboon is another brand you must consider. They have a unique ability of expression and claim themselves not as trendsetters but rather as interpreters. Actually they are interpreters of the reality, taking inspiration from the current trends and proposing something  new.


Drawers by Baboon

Dreamer. Baboon is obviously a dreamer and is very proud to say it out loud. Dreams are the fire of our lives, they help to keep your projects awake. That’s why we said they are interpreters.


Dot wallpaper by Baboon

They search balance, they don’t care why and how, right or wrong. The most important thing is to give order to your rooms. Home is a place where you seek refuge from the chaos outside right?

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