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High-level trend and boundless classicism

High-level trend and boundless classicism

Maxalto and B&B Italia: two brand brothers with a precise research and an original design in common

Born in 1975, Maxalto is the brand brother of B&B Italia. The name “Maxalto” derives from the Venetian pronunciation “massa alto” which means “of high level”. Full of historical and cultural details, the high and artistic level of the brand brought a high quality in all the products, allowing Maxalto to furnish luxury residences all over the world.


The first case: 3rd September 2018, the New World Lixun project in Beijing


Maxalto chair

Febo chair

Febo chair by Maxalto

Since its foundation, Maxalto decided to focus on developing the brand, through an hand-made high-quality manufacturing, excellent materials and attention to details. Giving comfort and high quality at the same time, Maxalto creates high-level housing solutions, with a combination of neoclassical and modern style.

Maxalto chair

Febo chair

Febo chair by Maxalto

Maxalto dining table

The marble surface has a timeless charm. Together with a refined marble surface, the simple design gives all the products the typical Maxalto charm, maintaining its unique style.

Febo chair and table

Febo chair and table by Maxalto

Maxalto pursues a continuous innovation and demands a high quality for its products, combining the traditional manufacturing with a perfect and modern vision.

B&B Italia bed

Simple, low profile, natural and not frivolous. The headboard has a fluffy but comfortable filling that creates an original design and a relaxed atmosphere, making your sleep a pure pleasure.

Husk bed

Husk bed by B&B Italia

Details care

Husk bed details

Husk bed details by B&B Italia

B&B Italia bed design is creative and of high quality. The wise use of materials make the whole product even more outstanding, perfectly reflecting the creative taste and the research of a high-quality lifestyle.

The second case: 7th June 2018, Dongshan Condo project in Beijing

Maxalto chest of drawers 


Even if it is an Italian brand, Maxalto design reveals the beauty of the Eastern style as well. This chest of drawers, specifically, is simple but majestic and combines the minimalist Eastern aesthetic.

Alcor console

Alcor console by Maxalto

B&B Italia chair

With the typical design of B&B Italia, the decorative elements of the past and the present are in complete contrast with the modern elements of this chair. This increases the charm and makes B&B Italia reach the top position in the Italian design industry.

Husk chair

Husk chair by B&B Italia

B&B Italia armchair

The concept of this B&B Italia armchair, with its sinuous lines, confirms its beauty and its comfort.

Piccola Papilio armchair

Piccola Papilio armchair by B&B Italia

B&B Italia armchair

A unique design, second to none, is the guiding vision of B&B Italia. The shape of its products break the scheme and once again the creativity of B&B Italia furniture is confirmed.

Do-Maru armchair

Do-Maru armchair by B&B Italia

Following the trend of the moment, with a combination of beauty and functionality, Maxalto and B&B Italia position themselves in a high position among high-quality brands, thanks to their long experience and their classical-style products.

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