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ALF Italia latest collections for wooden furniture lovers

ALF Italia latest collections for wooden furniture lovers

An overview of some wooden furniture that are truly an innovative solution for your bedroom and living room. Not only the material it self, but the way it’s used

Alf Italia is one of the biggest group worldwide for the production of interior furnishing.

Founded in 1950’s by few Italians craftsmen, at the beginning they were specialized in wooden production but during the years they turned into something bigger.

Nevertheless their hallmark is always the same, high-performance and high-quality products.

Although they have increased their market share by concentrating their efforts in the production of furniture for living room, yet they are working on various options not leaving aside any class of products.

It happened because of the growing and diversified demand of customers willing to furnish their house with products by this Made in Italy guarantee.

Let’s check out something from their latest collections.


Swinging Wardrobe by Alf Italia

This wooden swinging wardrobe is part of Matera Collection which is dedicated to the bedroom and the living room. Matera Collection recalls the classic style but winks to the modern thanks to the use of the materials.

Whatever you may need in the most intimate room of your house, you will find it in this collection. Everything rigorously wooden, ideal for a cold environment thanks to its color and aspect.

It’s available in different version: number of doors and with or without mirror.


Wine cabinet by Alf Italia

As the image of this cabinet suggests, we are still talking about Matera collection but focusing on the Living Room section. Wooden is still they keyword but it is impossible not to mention the magnificence elegance of this product. Never mind the surrounding furniture, thanks to its refined shape this cabinet is ideal even for your dining room.

Available in two different sizes and with a unique door or double.


Dining table by Alf Italia

Now that we’ve talked about the wine cabinet, what’s missing in your dining room?

This massive instance of elegance and style is the last product from Matera collection you will read about.

The dining table is provided in three different sizes and two different surfaces so that your choice might be easier. Last but not least, this is probably the masterpiece of this collection.

The other collection we will introduce is named Bellagio. Bellagio may look similar to your eyes to the previous one, but if you carefully consider its features you will immediately discover the new shades.


Double bed by Alf Italia

This is not the classic bed you’re used to. First of all, the coffee-walnut color, then the high gloss lacquered finishes. These details are what make your sleeping experience unforgettable. Your bedroom features a will of modernity and warmth that is hard to find elsewhere. Double or single bed, it is a pleasure for eyes.


Dressing table by Alf Italia

There’s no better gift for your wife than the high-end, elegant and practical dressing table from Bellagio Collection. The stunning chromatic features introduced above make it elegant, but the best here is represented by the chance to open the surface of this small table and discover the hidden part. It makes this piece both a dressing table and a writing desk.

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