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Malerba and Natuzzi: luxury style with soft lines

Malerba and Natuzzi: luxury style with soft lines

Malerba and Natuzzi products in China, thanks to Eurooo project in Shanghai

On 10th June 2018, Eurooo delivered and installed some products of the Xinghewan project in Shanghai. The furniture delivered this time included some Malerba and Natuzzi products, like sofas, tea tables, TV desks, ground lamps, dining tables and chairs, desks, beds and bedside tables.


The furniture delivered this time has a simple but modern style and a precise but not extreme design. The exterior aspect of the product reflects a high level of quality. The innovative design combines aesthetics with functionality, creating an unexpected product.


Malerba sofas, tea tables, bedside tables and TV desks

General installation

 General installation’s photo

Malerba sofa

The structure of Malerba furniture is angular but soft and solid at the same time. The Malerba sofa is in real soft leather. The“soft lines” design makes the whole fluid and good-looking.

Modern sofa

Malerba tea table

The Malerba tea table is full of classical and modern elements. The peculiar design combines modern elements together. Thanks to the use of metals, marble and other high-quality materials, its natural and pure beauty suits perfectly in a luxury place that wants to be simple but fashion at the same time.

Modern sofa

Malerba TV desk

The adaptability and functionality of high-quality charcoal make this furniture refined. The charcoal is used here as a material in a strange but innovative way. This unexpected use, together with wood and real leather, makes this product one of a kind. The combination of the authenticity and simplicity of wood and the roughness of real leather creates a fashion and high-quality product.

General installation

The wood’s and leather’s veining is a detail that witnesses Malerba’s will to undertake a refined and gradual manufacturing, putting great emphasis on materials’ natural qualities.

TV desk details

Details of TV desk by Malerba

Malerba ground lamps

In the silent corner of the living room, a shiny ground lamp gives warmness and harmony, thanks to its metals which are sinuous and pure but at the same time simple and perfectly combined.

Ground lamp

Malerba dining table and chairs

The mirror surface of the table, in total contradiction with its rhomboidal shape, creates a unique, fashion and simple overall. The slightly reclined seatback, adorned with precise lines, adds comfort to the chair.

Table and chairs

Malerba chair

Modern chair

Malerba vestibule

The design and the solid structure create the perfect beauty. The high-quality metals’ choice creates a simple but elegant product, in which the decorations are the true protagonists.


Malerba bed, bedside table and table lamp

The guideline for Malerba is “follow the latest trends but keep up with the changing”. Thanks to its traditional products, Malerba strives for beauty and perfect harmony. The overall design of Malerba bed, bedside table and table lamp infuses the unique style of the brand.

Modern bed

Malerba pouffe


Malerba desk and chair

The contrast in colors is clear but not incompatible and the Malerba chair is in perfect harmony with the overall coldness, adding that perfect touch that emphasizes the whole product’s result. With a real leather covering, Malerba products’ high quality is able to defeat the passing time. 

Modern desk and chair

Malerba bedside table and table lamp

The design of the bedside table and of the table lamp creates an harmonious and modern totality, giving a great charm to the product.

Modern table lamp

Natuzzi sofa bed

The Natuzzi sofa is famous all over the world, not only for its trendy and modern design but also for the use of precious materials such as the leather. A special invisible protective film is added to Natuzzi sofas in order to prevent the deterioration and maintain the product’s naturalness.

Modern sofa bed

Innovation and functionality are able to give the Natuzzi products different uses and functions, thanks to a simple but elegant design. The mechanisms installed in this sofa allow you to turn your sofa into a bed, in one simple move.

Sofa bed

Eurooo currently collaborates with more than 3900 European furniture brands, thanks to the success of its platform that allows shipping imported materials and furniture to China. Regarding furniture and lifestyle, Eurooo passes down Italian design, art and culture. If you are interested, please contact Eurooo or the retailer to know all the product details! 

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