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Lamberti workshop, an Italian excellence for high-end modern furniture

Lamberti workshop, an Italian excellence for high-end modern furniture

Mainly working with stainless-steel, Lamberti and its designer Giancarlo Pretazzoli achieved their goal of producing high-end modern furniture with a mere piece of metal.

Lamberti is an italian high-end workshop established in the early 70’s aiming to produce luxury metal furnishings both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The quick rise of this workshop is not a surprise if you know how they work. A well-planned investment in human resources and new technologies led them to be one of the excellences of the stainless-steel world and gain the market trust and recognition.

Let’s check out some of their most iconic products, all signed by Giancarlo Pretazzoli, considered a Professor when dealing with modern pieces of furniture recalling classic features


Onda Desk by Lamberti

This is a clear example of how this workshop works. Starting from a metal monolith, craftsmen work on the shape and make it a surprising piece of furniture characterized by timeless beauty and that enhances the value of the raw material. The monolith has now a sensual soul thanks to the given rounding shapes. Considering the dynamicity and the brightness, this modern piece of furniture can be placed anywhere in the room.


Onda S Chaise Longue by Lamberti

Looking for a sinuous chaise longue? Nothing closer to this definition than this awesome, smooth piece of steel. It actually seems to float in the space, or similar to a wave in the ocean. The reality tells us it is a sculptural high-end piece of furniture that finds its reason in the light reflexes. Mirror finishes enhance the power of the metal.


Accolgo steel table by Lamberti

When introducing the designer of this collection, Mr Giancarlo Pretazzoli, we said his philosophy encloses classical and modern features. Here it is represented by the mix of pure stainless steel, used for the main structure of this modern table, with the elegance of white marble, used for the surface.

The result is a table which fits perfectly in the living room, in the kitchen and even in the office.


Riparo screen by Lamberti

The last product you will read about is the Riparo Screen. It is made up of four steel frames, put together by hand-made. Inspired by classical shapes, it creates a perfect balance between essentiality and versatility. The achieved feeling of a hidden bigger space is given by the brightness of the metal.

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