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The Dongting Villa in Shanghai: beautiful, isn't it?

The Dongting Villa in Shanghai: beautiful, isn't it?

When Italian furniture make the leap in quality.

A villa, usually, is a renovated residence, with garden and suburbs where you can enjoy nature and relaxation in a quiet environment, away from the bustle of the city and its chaotic and stressful atmosphere.

The decorations of the villas are closely linked to the style and tastes of the owners; some of them prefer furniture produced by national brands, while others prefer quality furniture imported from Europe. In this case, on 15 December 2015, EUROOO took care of the delivery and installation of furniture items imported from Italy to complete the furnishings of the Dongting Villa in Shanghai.


Dongting Villa - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

The products we dealt with this time include lamps from the Italian brands FOSCARINI and ARTEMIDE, TACCHINI bedside tables, CALLIGARIS chairs, LIEBHERR refrigerators, REFLEX beds and TUMIDEI bookcases. Mr. Ni and his family, the owners of the villa, have always shown interest in the Italian style of furniture and its reliable qualities, which is why they chose to put themselves in the hands of EUROOO.


Eurooo Staff - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

The EUROOO staff proceeded with the installation of the various items of furniture in the afternoon of the 15th. The skills and experience of our staff, following the indications and tastes of the owners, found excellent solutions for the arrangement of the furniture that , once the arrangement was completed, immediately gave a new and comforting sensation to the whole domestic environment.


FOSCARINI chandelier - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

FOSCARINI chandelier

Dimensions: 56 * 43 * 29

 MOROSO Armchair - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

MOROSO Armchair

Dimensions: 40 * 54 * 80


For Tacchini, the design and production of each piece of furniture is the result of numerous tests and researches. Technological innovation is combined with the craftsmanship of detailed processing, reliability and experience in this sector; these particularities are visible in every product of this Italian brand.

In particular, this Tacchini bedside table has been combined with a bed of the Reflex brand.


REFLEX double bed - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

REFLEX double bed - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

REFLEX double bed

 Dimensions: 208 * 240 * 60


TACCHINI bedside tables - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

TACCHINI bedside tables

At the end of the works, the satisfaction and joy of the owners of the villa proved to be true both of the high quality of the furnishings and of the careful and scrupulous service of the EUROOO staff.

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