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OKEY PORTE, and you will sleep soundly

OKEY PORTE, and you will sleep soundly

Safer house with the made in Italy OKEY PORTE.

Nowadays, in every home we take care of our own safety, whether it be for fire prevention or natural disaster, theft, etc. The latter, in particular, is the main problem that afflicts the thoughts of every family and that’s we all try to avoid: as a precautionary measure, having a good quality security door installed in your home, will make you sleep soundly.

On 2 December 2013, EUROOO completed the delivery and installation of the OKEY PORTE brand security doors at some apartments in the Xirongrong residential complex in Beijing. The products we dealt with this time are the Italian Okey Porte brand’s security doors and sliding doors. The EUROOO staff personally took care of the delivery and installation on site of the aforementioned articles. The quality of Italian products and the efficient service of our staff was very welcome to all customers.

OKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

 OKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOOOKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

Security doors - OKEY Porte

Okey Porte uses various types of materials for the realization of its products, such as wood or aluminum. The countless textures, colors and types of materials are expertly unified by Okey Porte using the most sophisticated technologies and advanced machinery, to produce modern products that can adapt to the needs of each customer. 

OKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

OKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

OKEY porte - Luxury Furniture - EUROOO

Security doors - OKEY Porte

Thanks to the frequent collaborations with different designers and architects, Okey Porte always reaches the highest quality and stylistic standards. Innovation and progress are the keywords for Okey Porte to create the future.

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