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Style details: the prestige of wood

Italian excellence, essence of brazen beauty. Italian wooden furniture for an elegant and refined home.

20 November 2018 17 0

ANDREA FANFANI is an Italian brand that produces not only furniture, but real works of art for interior design, all in strict compliance with the standards of ancient woodwork and traditional Italian decoration. Andrea Fanfani uses raw materials of excellent quality, including solid wood, suitable for exquisite handmade work, and raw wood of pine, beech, eucalyptus and so on. Tools used during the machining process include chisel, sandpaper and other reaming tools.

On 8 May 2017, EUROOO took care of the delivery and installation of the products of various Italian luxury furniture brands, a furnishing project of a housing unit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The brands we have dealt with this time include CEPPI STYLE, ZANABONI, ANDREA FANFANI, SAVIO FIRMINO, and the Spanish brand MARINER. The link between these companies is: the high quality of the wood used and the precise and delicate workmanship and decoration of the furnishing object.

The entrance table is made of veneered wood, while the decorations are in gilded copper. The table at the entrance is the first thing that every guest notice when he enters a house, so it's the right place to hit those who come to visit us. The more the entrance furniture is selected, the more the temperament of the whole house acquires value.

50150 Entrance Console - Mariner - EUROOO

50150 Entrance Console - Mariner

The living room furniture incorporates the splendor of the baroque style and the classic rococò Louis XVI style, making this room unique and distinct. The living room thus becomes a modern and splendid reinterpretation of the Renaissance era.

2465 Classical Luxury console - Mariner - EUROOO

2465 Classical Luxury Console - Mariner


2401 Classical Luxury Tea Table - Mariner - EUROOO

2401 Classical Luxury Tea Table - Mariner


The body of the sofa and armchair mixes velvet, feathers, and a particular latex that makes the seats softer and more elastic, ensuring that the product maintains its original shape even after a long time of use.

Classical Luxury Chair - Zanaboni - EUROOO

Classical Luxury Chair - Zanaboni


The table is characterized by a laminated wood structure; the carvings, subtle and refined thanks to the bronze accents, give the atmosphere an incomparable elegance.

Mariner products can be found in the best hotels and palaces around the world: for example, at the Doral Beach Hotel in Miami, at The Harkness Hotel in New York, in the Kashikojima Palace in Japan, and in the palaces of Doha in Qatar.

Luxury Wood Gilt Table and Chair - Mariner - EUROOO

Luxury Wood Gilt Table and Chair - Mariner - EUROOO

Luxury Wood Gilt Table and Chair - Mariner


Luxury Side Cabinet - Zanaboni - EUROOO

Luxury Side Cabinet - Zanaboni

The incisions made on this living room furniture convey feelings of calm and seriousness. The contrast of the color of the wood with the clear color of the finish makes the atmosphere more elegant.

Classical Luxury Desk and Office Chair - Mariner - EUROOO

Classical Luxury Desk and Office Chair - Mariner


Bedroom for girls: the furniture combines soft lines with the elegance of the white color to highlight the appeal to the French style. The Savio Firmino product technology is mainly based on manual crafts; this allows us to always offer a product of excellent quality.

Classical Luxury Single Bed - Savio Firmino - EUROOO

Classical Luxury Single Bed - Savio Firmino

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