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The union of fashion and design for a beauty that has no fear of time

We spend a third of our life sleeping; it was like this once, and it is so today. Sleeping is the best way to relieve stress, to rest and restore physical and mental energies. Therefore, having a safe haven where you can fall asleep is very important, but you should not underestimate the design.

20 November 2018 5 0

On 12 January 2017, EUROOO took care of the delivery and installation of the products of various Italian luxury furniture brands, a project that aimed to furnish some residences at Youngor Long Island in the Chinese city of Ningbo. The products we dealt with this time are cabinets of the SIGNORINI&COCO brand, VALDERAMOBILI dining tables, mirrors, chairs, beds, bedside tables and stools of the ALTAMODA brand. The quality of the furniture and the efficient service of EUROOO have been much appreciated by the customers.

Furniture delivery took place at the Youngor Long Island in Ningbo, an area located close to the Yuyao River. This area is one of the most populated urban areas and is located only 4 kilometers away from Tianyi Square, one of the city's main squares. The architectural style of the area is very modern and simple.

Modern Luxurious Kitchen - Altamoda - EUROOO

Modern Luxurious Kitchen - Altamoda

Founded in 1976, Valderamobili has always selected the raw materials with great care, devoting a lot of attention to the entire production and the refining process. These qualities put Valderamobili under a prominent light, thanks also to the unique and singular style of its furniture. Valderamobili seems to combine romantic feelings with the practical needs of customers, creating furniture suitable for an elegant and luxurious modern life, and reflecting a particular aesthetic taste.

Dining Table and Chairs - Valderamobili - EUROOO

Dining Table and Chairs - Valderamobili

The Signorini&Coco furniture collection combines cultural and historical elements with furniture made of thin wood, which, not only are beautiful and luxurious, but also give you a taste of the history and traditional art of furniture production. The wood is carefully selected, then engraved, inlaid or gold-plated.


PARTENOPE Classic Wooden Dining Room - Signorini&Coco - EUROOO

PARTENOPE Classic Wooden Dining Room - Signorini&Coco

Altamoda is a very trendy brand; it reflects the classic style of furniture and the classical art of production, but at the same time adopts modern designs. Altamoda collections are made of solid wood, engraved metal, and painted with soft and harmonious colors that give a touch of vitality to the environment.

Luxury Bedroom - Altamoda - EUROOO

Luxury Bedroom - Altamoda

Luxury Bedroom Dresser - Altamoda - EUROOO

Luxury Bedroom Dresser - Altamoda

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