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Roche Bobois & Natuzzi: your identity is reflected in high-quality design products

Roche Bobois & Natuzzi: your identity is reflected in high-quality design products

The high quality of Roche Bobois products and the comfort of Natuzzi artistic creations will make your house the best expression of your inner world.

The general style of your house depends on the interior decorations and on your furniture design. The right design is able to give an extraordinary relax and a good product perfectly suits your body shape, guaranteeing your best rest and allowing you to enjoy a calm atmosphere.  


On 10th December 2017, Eurooo completed the delivery and the installation of some products of the “Mingdu City” project in Shanghai. The products delivered this time are some Roche Bobois products and Natuzzi sofas.

Roche Bobois

The French furniture company, Roche Bobois, has become famous all over the world thanks to its ability of creating an elegant atmosphere, combining functionality with aesthetics. Inheriting Roche Bobois high-quality products makes you express your inner world and show your identity. This is the legend by roche Bobois that is being handed down for three centuries now.

Hauteville bookcase | Roche Bobois | Eurooo

Hauteville bookcase by Roche Bobois


Worldwide sofas leader, Natuzzi was born as a small company producing handmade sofas and armchairs, becoming now a global retailer of more than 6 million sofas. The sofas produced by the company meet the customers’ need of relax and comfort and are manufactured only with the highest-quality leathers, going through 35 manufacturing processes. Every year, within more than 6000 design projects, 1 out of 50 is put into practice and used for the production. Whether it’s about materials selection, creative design, handmade creation or production and manufacturing, Natuzzi, thanks to its long experience, has been able to widen its customers portion: from a small élite it reached a much larger part of consumers.

Philo sofa | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Philo sofa | Natuzzi | Eurooo

Philo modern sofa by Natuzzi

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