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NATUZZI sofas, the Italian elegance

NATUZZI sofas, the Italian elegance

Natuzzi is the most famous Italian brand of sofas. Natuzzi sofas, in fact, are not only practical, they are real decoration objects for the home that can give grace and elegance to every living room.

Among the thousand work commitments, the time we have left to allow us a free weekend or an evening with friends and relatives is very little. When it happens, it is nice to be together to chat, or take a coffee, and even if it is a bit that we do not see each other, there is the same confidence and intimacy that there has always been. Being able to welcome your loved ones on comfortable and spacious couches, in a tidy-looking lounge where guests can feel at ease it is really important. The sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living room, because the right sofa can convey sensations of warmth.

On 29 March 2017, EUROOO took care of the delivery and installation of the Italian brand Natuzzi products at the luxurious Vanke residential complex in the city of Shanghai. The products we have dealt with this time are the Natuzzi sofas, in particular the two and three-seater sofas.

Natuzzi furnishing project - Shanghai - EUROOO

There are atmospheres or places that we would like to take with us forever; the fascinating landscape of Emerald Bay, in the state of Perak in northern Malaysia, is one of those. Vanke, the largest real estate company in China, has done so: it has reproduced in China, in the city of Shanghai, that unique landscape. And now, the evocative atmosphere has been integrated by the elegance and the luxury of the “made in Italy” Natuzzi sofas to create a home environment to be enjoyed.

DORIAN sofas - Natuzzi - EUROOO

DORIAN sofas - Natuzzi

Natuzzi sofas, armchairs and accessories are all designed to offer total relaxation. If you have some more guests, with Natuzzi sofas you will have no problem organizing yourself for the night: in a matter of seconds, you can also combine different sofas to create a comfortable and relaxing bed, thanks to the inclusion of electronic devices designed specifically to make you enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. Natuzzi, moreover, has on sale numerous armchairs that can be used in combination with sofas, or even alone. For many Italian families, Natuzzi became a companion to everyday life.

DORIAN sofa (3 seater) - Natuzzi - EUROOO

DORIAN sofa (3 seater) - Natuzzi

Dimension: 293*103*79


The owner’s personalization of the furniture arrangement gives even more light to the sofa. The right-angled shape, taken by the combination of a two-seater and a three-seater sofa, makes the living room original and tidy. At the same time, it creates a perfect match with the other furniture in the room.

DORIAN sofa (2 seater) - Natuzzi - EUROOO

DORIAN sofa (2 seater) - Natuzzi

Dimension: 246*103*79


The black sofa recalls the black piano behind it. The black color used by Natuzzi is unique, because it combines functional value with aesthetic taste.

DORIAN sofa - Natuzzi - EUROOO

DORIAN sofa - Natuzzi - EUROOO

A perfect home, warm, cozy and tidy, needs the perfect sofa: Natuzzi is the right name to rely on for all of these.

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