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Two opposite styles can create the right combination of design and comfort

Two opposite styles can create the right combination of design and comfort

Minotti and Koket arrive in China thanks to this Eurooo project

On 23rd April 2018, Eurooo completed the delivery and the installation of some products at some residences in Futian district in Shenzhen, China. The furniture delivered this time is Minotti sofas and Koket console and coffee table. The simple luxury of Minotti and the elegance and refinement of Koket make the living room a totally fascinating space. These products are not only a furniture, they are art, culture and a classic!


Born in 1950, Minotti is specialized in producing armchairs, sofas and high-quality living room furniture and is a worldwide famous furniture brand. Minotti’s design completely reflects the Italian elegance and style and every detail has its perfect design. Compared to other brands, the outstanding feature of Minotti is using fabrics and leathers as raw materials for the manufacturing of its chairs, beds, rugs and bedcovers.

Alexander sofa | Minotti | Eurooo

Alexander sofa by Minotti

Minotti sofas have a simple design but precious fabrics that show the perfect high quality. With smooth lines, excellent proportions and height from the ground, the softness and the high seatback of the sofa guarantees  the right support, making the sofa even more comfortable.

Alexander sofa details | Minotti | Eurooo

Alexander sofa details by Minotti


Koket supports a noble lifestyle philosophy. Koket’s furniture is often inspired by decorative arts, fashion, nature and mysticism. Koket is able to use elements and geometric patterns, taking inspiration from the nature to create the right atmosphere.  Enjoying a pleasant place, having a great care for details and insert exotic elements allow Koket to infuse the true spirit of its high-quality products.

Koket console

Koket is specialized in meticulous creation of spaces, combining fashion and mystery and adding a hint of colour in the house. Even colours that can hardly match like black and gold are shining together in this Koket console, thanks to Koket’s designers, creating a unique and classy space. Under the thin layer of glass, console’s legs take the shape of golden folds. This abstract dynamism gives the product the same aspect of tree’s cortex; it’s like a flow of gold solidifies and stays trapped in time.

Obssedia console | Koket | Eurooo

Obssedia console by Koket

150 cm x 50 cm x h91 cm

Koket coffee table

Koket deletes every kind of ornament, making the surface of the table completely smooth, sinuous and without decorations. The possible superimposition of two components guarantees homogeneity and elegance but at the same time practicality, thanks to the possibility of widen the surface. Simple and elegant, Koket coffee table becomes the right decoration for every moment of the day.


Tears coffee table by Koket

92 cm x 92 cm x h38 cm

Minotti sofas charm creates an elegant but simple atmosphere. The unique sensation of Koket furniture adds a hint of colour to the house and makes the whole space noble, elegant and dynamic, revealing European style’s charming features. Two completely different styles, as for Minotti and Koket, fill the house with countless design possibilities. The decorations reflect the taste of the owner and transmit the right quantity of fashion and fun in all the products.

A small furnishing accessory is enough to create and elegant and welcoming place, because the details make the difference!

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