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The Italian design conquers Beijing

The Italian design conquers Beijing

The quality and refinement of Italian furniture are increasingly appreciated everywhere in the world. Even in China, the made in Italy is a trend, dictates style, and embellishes every home.

GALLOTTI&RADICE is the first Italian company that, in the furniture design field, uses glass materials for the realization of its furniture products. The design, care, and production Gallotti&Radice all take place in Italy. The final products are of great excellence, of high quality and with a refined and delicate appearance; this is what Gallotti&Radice laid the foundation for its success.

On October 13th 2017, EUROOO took care of the delivery and installation of the products of the Italian GALLOTTI & RADICE brand in a residential complex in the Chinese city of Beijing. Furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets of the ARKETIPO brand, MOLTENI&C. double beds, POLIFORM bedside tables and cabinets, GALLOTTI&RADICE furniture and windows, chairs, poufs and lobby furniture for the CATTELAN ITALIA.

Modern living room sofa - Arketipo - eurooo

Modern living room sofa - Arketipo


Dining table Cattelan - Chair Arketipo - eurooo.com

Dining table Cattelan - Chair Arketipo


Arketipo creates upholstered furniture with a passion for the quality of textile production. Combining furniture culture, tradition and functionality, elegance, sophistication, and functionality.

Chair, table, pouf Cattelan - eurooo.com

Chair, table, pouf Cattelan

The CATTELAN ITALIA brand has achieved great success in the United States, Europe, and the Far East thanks to its superior design and its majestic workmanship. Cattelan Italia demonstrates its close collaboration with the best designers and architects in the world, its products are widely used in luxury hotels and cruise ships, in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, at Hercules Opera House and at the Ministry of Business French Foreign. Cattelan Italia has become one of the most prestigious Italian companies in the furniture industry.

Modern console - Poliform - eurooo.com

Modern console - Poliform

Come a leader in the international furniture industry, POLIFORM pursues its own style of design, simple and solemn, cutting-edge and classic, always a careful eye for the modern lifestyle. Poliform's philosophy is that simplicity, combined with practicality, can create perfect and timeless objects.

Modern showcase - Gallotti&Radice - eurooo.com

Modern showcase - Gallotti&Radice


The design, care, and production GALLOTTI&RADICE all take place in Italy. The exceptional quality of Gallotti&Radice furniture products is the result of a long experience, which has led the Italian brand to create exquisite products and decorations. The goal of Gallotti&Radice is to create furnishing objects of strong character, and that withstand the test of time.

Modern double bed - Molteni&C. - eurooo.com

Modern double bed - Molteni&C.


MOLTENI&C., was founded in Milan in the late '30s; from the very beginning, the company had always insisted on the choice of the finest wood for the production of semi-finished products, from dismantling to painting and investing and relying on manual processing. Molteni&C. has collaborated with many internationally renowned designers and architects, such as Jean Nouvel and Hannes Wettstein, to design a series of unique pieces in the history of furniture.

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