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The Italian craftsmanship expertise dealing with dining tables for your living room

The Italian craftsmanship expertise dealing with dining tables for your living room

Among all the producers, Italian craftsmen stand out for their remarkable production of dining tables for living room

Living room is quite always the heart of a house. Thus, the choice of the right dining table is absolutely primary among the range of necessities. A proper dining table placed in a living room should count at least 4 seats; a living room dining table is actually a different concept compared with a kitchen one. Eating in the kitchen means it is likely a family dinner, but if you have guests, what’s better than a spacious environment with a luxury table within?
On the other hand, the style of a living room is always the hallmark of the whole house, so better to choose carefully the most suitable dining table that doesn’t clash with the surroundings.

As we said in the title, today we will focus on the Italian expertise. Italian craftsmen during the years stood out for their taste and know-how, often producing furniture destined for success.

The first brand we’ll talk about is Cattelan Italia. It is a brand that place a great attention on style and comfort, specialized in the production of modern tables, no matter if we’re talking of coffee tables or dining tables. Cattelan Italia furniture deals with typical Italian materials:  wood, steel, marble and leather. Hallmarks of the Italian craftsmanship.


Marble dining table by Cattelan Italia

Aiming to a royal style living room?  This dining table, part of the Keramik collection, with a surface in marble may be perfect for this kind of environments. The lower part of the dining table is in titanium.


Elvis Keramik dining table by Cattelan Italia

Same collection of the above-introduced dining table but different style. For a simple living room, bordering on minimalism.

The next brand you will read about is Gruppo Tomasella, one of the leading producers in the field of both classical and modern furniture for interiors, especially bedroom and living room. What is remarkable of their living room production is that they offer modular solutions.


Tudor dining table by Gruppo Tomaselli

This is a modular dining table suitable for nearly all kinds of living room, thanks to its linear shape and the smart use of materials. Wooden surface and steel base.


Bloom dining table by Gruppo Tomaselli

Similar surface but different structure. Legs also are wooden. The continuity of shape and material gives a precise identity to the dining table.

There are so many more brands to discover when dealing with dining tables for living rooms, but surely the Italian craftmanship school is one of the excellences worldwide.

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