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Big news! Alibaba furniture sector is born!

Big news! Alibaba furniture sector is born!

20th meeting Eurooo-Casaitaliana and their partners. International high-end furniture and materials platform press conference.

On Thursday 29th November, the 20th meeting between Casaitaliana, Eurooo and their new potential business partners was a great success! The great expectations and enthusiasm that preceded this event had realized into the presence of numerous company representatives of high Italian craftsmanship brands, eager to discover in which way their reality through the collaboration with Eurooo and Casaitaliana e-commerce platforms could bring benefits to their businesses. Italian media and Chinese media in Italy took part in the event.

20th edition meeting | Eurooo

The incessant commitment of Casaitaliana and Eurooo in implementing the efficacy of the online platform and the mutual exchange of information between suppliers, allowed online and offline commercial activities development during the last 8 years.

Casaitaliana business associate, Dr. Alberto Erba, welcomed the guests with a warm welcome speech and then left the floor to Dr. Bruno Maraucci, assistant of the founder Wu Ruijun, who provided an explanation of how these platforms actually work and which are the objectives and values that characterize them.

The platforms managed by Eurooo and Casaitaliana focus on different reference markets; Casaitaliana is entirely focused on the Chinese market and, thanks to its 6 branches in China, offers a complete service: products database daily update, personalized customer service, detailed and quickly-delivered quotations, support for the purchase of goods, carrying out all the necessary customs’ clearance of goods in China and post-sales support including delivery and installation. Eurooo provides the same services but it is aimed at an international market, thanks to its platform available in 11 different languages.

20th edition meeting | Eurooo

The benefits for those who decide to become partners of Casaitaliana and Eurooo platforms are countless: guaranteed visibility on multiple markets, direct and free advertising on our websites’ pages and extreme simplification of the export process.

Casaitaliana and Eurooo’s numbers are the clear confirmation of what has been illustrated, important numbers that highlight our companies significant work care: more than 300 total brands participating in the previous meetings, 80% average revenue growth for three consecutive years, guaranteed visibility on platforms for more than 4700 Italian and International brands and presence at many international fairs as promoter of local brands, receiving a great consensus.

20th edition meeting | Eurooo

Then was the moment of the manager Ye Xin, who was concerned to show how the data of world’s recent trends, and in the specific case of China markets data, are eloquent. Cash and physical stores are gradually disappearing and the only way to keep up with the times and raise competitiveness is to take advantage of the opportunities like the e-commerce gives us: a significant example is the so-called “Singles’ day”, the 11th November, when China’s on-line sales have a remarkable increase.

The brand manager, Abhishek Rao, highlighted the importance of a collaboration between Casaitaliana, Eurooo and their partners. The more details provived to the companies, the better service offered to customers.

20th edition meeting | Eurooo

The last one taking the floor was Casaitaliana and Eurooo’s owner, Mr. Wu Ruijun. He shared his experience and his business model with the public, telling how he had decided to start a business in the e-commerce field when almost nobody knew what it was, foreseeing the global market general trends.

During these last 8 years, the company offered free promotions to its partners; for this reason, the owner Wu Ruijun underlined the importance of the presence of well-defined values in his companies, important to build a relationship of trust and collaboration with customers and partners. In fact, the mutual esteem is what bring us to success.

The beginning of the digital era completely changed our lives and the commercial models undertaken so far, that will continue to develop. Casaitaliana and Eurooo are ready to provide more and more innovative commercial tools, hoping that many new companies will join us in this digital revolution.

After this phase, we moved on to the Q&A moment, in which the manager Ye Xin as representative of Casaitaliana, and Bruno Maraucci as representative of Eurooo, were concerned to answer the questions of the company’s representatives, intrigued by so many new possibilities and wishful to understand how the two platforms operates in the Chinese market.

20th edition meeting | Eurooo

The great success of this edition of Casaitaliana and Eurooo meeting with their partners witnesses the great importance of these two platforms in the international market, representing the link between the new markets and all new wishful companies.

The journey of Casaitaliana and Eurooo continues! The aim is to promote the excellence of Italian and International manufacturing all over the world. We are ready to face this big challenge and we will strive to provide the best service to all our valuable customers and to the prestigious Italian and European companies that rely on us!

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