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The digital revolution continues: the collaboration with Rever

Following the 20th meeting of Casaitaliana-Eurooo, let’s discover the point of view of Rever, one of our commercial partners.

04 December 2018 61 0

After the success of the 20th edition of the meeting of Casaitaliana-Eurooo and its present and future commercial partners, held on 29th November at the Milan headquarters, it’s interesting to know the other side of the coin: the point of view of some participants.

Following the meeting, some Italian brands delegates have been interviewed, in order to get some first impressions of the event and have a direct comparison, to get the inspiration and improve the services provided. A good relationship with the suppliers is a fundamental aspect for Casaitaliana-Eurooo, which wants to provide the appropriate guarantees and the best conditions not only to its customers but also to its commercial partners.

Interview with Rever owner | Eurooo

One of the interviewees is Matteo Recrosio, young owner of Rever In & Out Solutions, a company specialized in outdoor furniture, exhibiting at the Milan Furniture Fair as well.  The company aims at creating some high-end outdoor products that contain all the elements of the indoor furniture. Thanks to Rever, the comfort and the variety of the indoor spaces are brought outside, producing some original products, thanks to a non-stop materials and finishing research and to various projects, like the use of cashmere for the outdoor furniture.

The collaboration between Rever and Casaitaliana-Eurooo started in 2016, when the platform Eurooo was born. Thanks to an incessant and close collaboration, Reven products have increased their visibility and are becoming to be known all over the world. Exporting abroad the quality of Made in Italy, entirely produced in Brianza, represents one of the main goals of Rever, which has also some branches in Dubai and in India and that, thanks to Casaitaliana-Eurooo, has further expanded its international customers.

Adressing to the wide Chinese market causes a strong uncertainty in the company, afraid of having a few guarantees, in such a different market like the Chinese one. Mr. Recrosio is is aware that the meeting with Casaitaliana-Eurooo, the enthusiasm infused during the event and their incessant collaboration will allow Rever to further expand the business and its International (and Chinese) customers. 

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