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Baleri Italia shows the way, the future is now

Baleri Italia shows the way, the future is now

Following up the 20th Casaitaliana-Eurooo commercial partners meeting, let’s focus on Baleri Italia’s point of view, represented by its commercial director Massimiliano Moschini

Massimiliano Moschini, commercial director of Baleri Italia, was among our guests during the 20th Casaitaliana-Eurooo commercial partners meeting.
Baleri Italia is an historical brand set up in 1984, which has gained during the years the leadership in furniture market, thanks to its iconic products.

After the meeting, Massimiliano Moschini unveiled Baleri’s plan for the next months, focusing on the strategy for the Chinese market.

He firmly claimed the importance of the e-commerce channel, which turned upside-down the traditional way to buy things. The 21st century is no longer for bricks and mortar shops, there’s no place anymore for cash and coins. Nowadays, to gain a market share in a country like China, you can not ignore the importance of a different retail channel.


The international development of the “Galletto Rosso” hasn’t touched the Chinese territory yet, but that moment is no far anymore. In fact, all the companies worldwide yearn for a Chinese market share, thanks to the 1 billion people living over there. For this reason, Baleri Italia decided to enter this market with the help of Casaitaliana and Eurooo, both founded by Mr. Wu Ruijun. Considering the export know-how gained during the years and the great visibility of these platforms in China, it doesn’t really seem a gamble for Baleri, rather a great opportunity.

The meeting of the 29th of November was actually a great opportunity for all the participants to enhance the relation with Casaitaliana and Eurooo and to improve the efficacy of the collaboration.

Aware and proud of its values, celebrated during the years by a magnificent storytelling, Baleri Italia is now part of the big family of Casaitaliana and Eurooo, ready to export the greatness of Made in Italy.

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