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Vladimir Kagan. Furniture as sensual art

Vladimir Kagan was one of the most acclaimed interior designers. Deceased in 2016, Vladimir Kagan was inducted in the Interior Designer Hall of Fame in 2009 for the originality, modernity and that touch of sensual art that distinguishes each of his creations.

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Vladimir Kagan was one of the most successful US interior designers. Born in 1926, Vladimir Kagan lives an era of great innovations in the field of plastic arts: 8000 kilometers away, in Germany, develops one of the most innovative modern currents of the century, the Staatlitches Bauhaus (better known as Bauhaus), a reference point for avant-garde movements in the field of design and architecture, and a source of great inspiration for Vladimir Kagan.

Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Vladimir Kagan in the 1940s

From the ideas of the German current, Vladimir Kagan realizes his creations following a natural principle of functionality and harmony; Vladimir Kagan prefers the use of natural materials, such as wood, or artificial, such as glass and plastic, creating objects endowed with particular beauty of design, rationality, and which convey sensations of lightness and transparency.

To this attention to detail and attention to the quality of materials, many of Vladimir Kagan's creations are characterized by biomorphism that, recalling organic forms of plants or animals, are curvilinear, decorative, romantic and sensual.

Vladimir Kagan's High Barrel Chair and Floating Curved Sofa - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Vladimir Kagan's High Barrel Chair and Floating Curved Sofa - Vladimir Kagan

"Mobility and flexibility" are the two key concepts on which the brilliant intuitions of Vladimir Kagan move. Furnishings with soft and sinuous curves and organic shapes are an invitation to experiment and fully enjoy the tactility of Vladimir Kagan's furniture.

Vladimir Kagan's Freeform Sofas - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Vladimir Kagan's Freeform Sofas - Vladimir Kagan

The beautiful creations of Vladimir Kagan had a rapid success since their first appearance, in 1949 with the Serpentine model sofa, so that many Hollywood stars of the time, including Marilyn Monroe and Gary Cooper, chose Vladimir Kagan’s furniture for the house. Nowadays, the furnishing accessories of Vladimir Kagan are used by many institutional offices and public offices, such as Walt Disney, General Motors and others.

Vladimir Kagan's sofas:

As the first child of Vladimir Kagan’s creativity, the Serpentine sofa is the most iconic model of the production of the American master. The sensuality of the soft and curvilinear forms and the absence of armrests suggest a feeling of comfort and freedom, a reference to a rational sexuality hidden in the care of every detail.

Vladimir Kagan's Serpentine Sofa - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Serpentine Sofa - Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan's chaise longue:

The Vladimir Kagan’s chaise longue are unique objects with a great functionality: they represent the compromise between geometric purity and bodyiness, an excellence of comfort, the pure temple of relax.

Vladimir Kagan's Contour Chaise longue - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Contour Chaise longue - Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan's Living Room composition - Vladimir Kagan- eurooo.com

Vladimir Kagan's Living Room composition - Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan's coffee tables:

The coffee tables by Vladimir Kagan reflect the prerequisites that the American designer was looking for in indoor furniture: lightness and transparency. The use of materials such as glass and wood, combined with a soft design create delicate sensations that are almost empty and contrasting between the body and the abstract.

Sculpted Coffee Table - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Sculpted Coffee Table - Vladimir Kagan

Sculpted Dining Table - Vladimir Kagan - eurooo.com

Sculpted Dining Table - Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan represents modernity and passion for art that takes shape in creations that are always unique, surprising, and able to stimulate our senses, and at the same time capable to not lose their functionality and practicality.

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