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The neoclassical style for an elegant and serene home

The neoclassical style for an elegant and serene home

The best way to enjoy a neoclassical style house, which is elegant and serene, is to choose the Made in Italy quality: Smania, Baxter, Roberto Cavalli and Longhi are leading brands in this field!

On 2 January 2018, EUROOO completed the distribution and installation of some furnishing products related to the furnishing project of some luxury homes of the Shanghui Haoting residential complex in the Chinese city of Shanghai. The furniture items we dealt with this time were: armchairs, bedside tables, lamps of the SMANIA brand, BAXTER beds and desks, ROBERTO CAVALLI bedside tables, and TV cabinets of the LONGHI brand.

Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com


SMANIA, founded in 1967, is a leading Italian company in the neoclassical style. For over 50 years, SMANIA has pursued the objective of creating high quality furniture and objects of design and quality; each of its article is taken care of with precision in all the processes of craftsmanship, endowed with very fine details and characterized by a unique style. Smania products are the synonym of elegance and exceptionality.

DOROTHY armchair:

Made of solid wood, metals and leather, the Smania model Dorothy armchair is characterized by the evident quality of the exterior design. The colors are muted to create a feeling of elegance and charm.

DOROTHY armchair - Smania - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

DOROTHY armchair - Smania - eurooo.com

DOROTHY armchair - Smania

CORNELIA armchair:

The Cornelia armchair model is made of polyurethane, leather and opaque rosewood. The design of the cushion and the back is designed to make the chair comfortable and ergonomic.

CORNELIA armchair - Smania - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

CORNELIA armchair - Smania - eurooo.com

CORNELIA armchair - Smania

SMANIA bed, bedside table, table lamp:

The design of the bed is elegant and avant-garde; made of precious wood, with a solid structure, covered leather. The passage of time does not deprive the great classic pieces of their luxury.

Smania bed - Smania - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Smania bed - Smania

Smania bed - Smania bedside table - Smania table lamp - Smania - euroo.com

Smania bed - Smania bedside table - Smania table lamp

SMANIA night table, table lamp:

The simple and linear design of the lamp has a retro touch. This is the unique personality of the products from the neoclassical style of SMANIA, with a classic charm that combines with a modern aesthetic. The bedside table is very simple but with an elegant and fashionable design.

Smania bedside table - Smania table lamp - Smania - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Smania bedside table - Smania table lamp


The Italian brand BAXTER uses "skin" as the main raw material for each article; BAXTER makes sure to select the best quality leather for each of its products. Baxter's goal is to provide luxury craft works, more like real works of art than just simple furnishings.


Baxter uses unique treatments for the skin that give its products a retro fashion sensation. The opaque effect of the skin emphasizes the perfect marriage between the modern and the classic.

Baxter bed - Baxter - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Baxter bed - Baxter

BAXTER desk:

The new, bold and ingenious design of this desk is to be discovered. From the light-colored material, green and gold, the Baxter desk breaks the bonds with tradition and unleashes all its creativity.

Baxter desk - Baxter - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Baxter desk - Baxter


Since its foundation in 1967, ROBERTO CAVALLI has been a pioneer of fashion with its wild and sexy style. The design of its products creates an artistic contrast between formal elegance and casual hippie.

ROBERTO CAVALLI bedside table lamp, SMANIA table lamp:

The wavy lines of the bedside table are regular and of casual taste, while the shape of the handle is rich in details. The lamp holder is solid and elegant with a modern design.

ROBERTO CAVALLI bedside table lamp - SMANIA table lamp - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Roberto Cavalli bedside table lamp - Smania table lamp


LONGHI is a brand famous for the beauty of its products, exquisiteness and elegance. The Italian passionate spirit reveals itself in luxurious tones, in innovative details, in the splendid combinations of colors, in the choice of high quality materials.

LONGHI TV cabinet:

Made up of different materials, the Longhi TV cabinet is characterized by luxurious, refined, elegant, but also very classical, noble aesthetics.

Longhi TV cabinet - Longhi - Shanghui Haoting complex - Shanghai - eurooo.com

Longhi TV cabinet

Italian furniture is the best choice for anyone who wants a relaxed but high-level lifestyle. Italy is the cradle of art and culture and, as well as in the furniture sector, all the features that have made the Italian aesthetic taste the best in the world are released in every Italian work.

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