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Extravagant luxury design: the Eurooo project in Shanghai

Extravagant luxury design: the Eurooo project in Shanghai

Longhi furniture is installed at the Lujiazui residence in Shanghai, China

The Lujiazui residential district is located on the shores of Shanghai's Huangpu river and is one of the most luxurious and advanced neighborhoods in Shanghai. The central location and its financial heart make this district one of the most fashionable neighborhoods of the Chinese metropolis.

On 26th July 2018, Eurooo completed the delivery and installation of this innovative project. The products delivered this time are some products by Longhi, a high-quality Italian brand, such as sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, sideboards, tables and dining chairs.

In accordance with the trends of the moment, the furnishing accessories of the luxury residences have become rigid and set, and the meticulous decoration in every piece of furniture in the house has become a prerogative always present in this type of housing. Following this project, Eurooo, together with its designers team, opted for a neoclassical Italian style, highlighting a simple, delicate and high-level design that combines the classic aesthetics with modern elements.

Part of the installation | Longhi products | Eurooo

Part of the installation: Nobu sofa, Vivienne armchairs and Felix coffee tables by Longhi

The Italian neoclassical brand Longhi is famous for its beauty and elegance and for its products that has a precise design and elegant and extremely demanding details. Longhi is characterized by a unique design, always in step with the times, elegant and sometimes ostentatious. The characteristics of the products make Longhi famous all over the world and in constant growth.

Part of the installation | Longhi products | Eurooo

Part of the installation: the Nobu sofa, the Vivienne armchairs and the Felix coffee tables by Longhi

Longhi comes from the precious hands of some Italian masters, who are able to represent the refinement of Italian style in all the details. The refined and elegant design combines modernity with the classic elements of the Italian tradition, creating a strong personality in every product.

Armchairs and coffee table | Longhi | Eurooo

In the foreground, the Vivienne armchair and the Felix coffee tables by Longhi

NOBU Modular 3-seat sofa

Elegant and fashionable design. The asymmetrical design of the armrests is one of the strengths of this sofa. The metal decorations and the marble handrail are skillfully combined and not contradictory at all.

Details of Nobu sofa | Longhi | Eurooo

Details of the Nobu sofa by Longhi

The marble handrail surface, with natural and elegant veins, the special shape and the color tone make the Nobu sofa a work of art, similar to a soft and elegant painting. The presence of the special handrail makes this modular sofa even more functional and extremely trendy.

Nobu sofa | Longhi | Eurooo

Nobu 3-seat sofa by Longhi

FELIX Round metal coffee tables

Small and refined, exquisite and luxurious, the Felix coffee table has the perfect dimensions and combines the practicality, comfort and lightness of a small object with the elegance and the high level of its materials. Made of decorated metal and marble, Felix maintains the natural properties of its materials and conveys the visual warmth typical of the marble.


Felix coffee tables by Longhi

BAG Coffee Table

The Bag coffee table combines elements of the oriental style with the classic Italian one. The clean and sturdy surface and the particular texture make the Bag coffee table unique in its kind. The base wrapped in high quality leather makes the product even more authentic.

Bag coffee table | Longhi | Eurooo

Bag coffee table by Longhi

VIVIENNE Leather armchair

A selection of high quality leathers reveals the sparkling personality and meticulous craftsmanship used in the production of these armchairs. In keeping with the elegance of the Longhi style, Vivienne has all the fashionable features and all the quality details that make the difference.

Vivienne armchair | Longhi | Eurooo

Vivienne armchair by Longhi

Strictly handmade, in the continuous research of high quality, using delicate fabrics with harmonious and precious colors and textures, the Vivienne armchairs transmit the beauty of the elegant Italian style.

Details of Vivienne armchair | Longhi | Eurooo

Details of the Vivienne armchair by Longhi

VICKY TV cabinet

Marble, metal and leather are brilliantly combined in this Vicky TV cabinet, making it an exquisite and elegant product. The sober, calm and elegant temperament make the Vicky TV cabinet even more fascinating, both inside and out.

Vicky TV cabinet | Longhi | Eurooo

Vicky TV cabinet by Longhi

Geometric seams on the surface, simple and casual design and extraordinary personality are the characteristics of the Vicky TV cabinet. The high-quality gray and luxurious gold complement each other and the overall beauty becomes striking.

Vicky TV cabinet | Longhi | Eurooo

Vicky TV cabinet | Longhi | Eurooo

Details of the Vicky TV cabinet by Longhi

CLOÉ Leather chair

The Cloé dining chair has a special structure and presents the exclusive design elements of the Longhi brand. With the Cloé chair, Longhi breaks the traditional design of the dining chair and transforms the seat into a condensed version of a sofa, bringing the feeling of comfort and relaxation typical of a sofa.

Cloé chair | Longhi | Eurooo

Cloé leather chair by Longhi

BEVERLY Sideboard

The Beverly sideboard is not only used for arranging objects, but is also a decorative piece of furniture. The beautiful design of this sideboard enhances the overall style of the room, adding decoration and splendor.

Beverly sideboard | Longhi | Eurooo

Beverly sideboard by Longhi

The interior design is ingenious and reasonable, the space is expanded to the maximum so that the objects are placed in an orderly manner, highlighting the refinement of the environment.

Beverly sideboard | Longhi | Eurooo

Beverly sideboard | Longhi | Eurooo

Interior and details of the Beverly sideboard by Longhi

The delicate and neoclassical style used in this project by Eurooo creates a high-quality, welcoming and elegant environment. Witnessing the rich Italian cultural heritage, the extraordinary artistic nature of Longhi furniture makes the overall atmosphere particularly luxurious. The careful and meticulous work of the Casaitaliana-Eurooo staff ensures a perfect installation and a correct preservation of the quality of Longhi products.

Staff at work | Eurooo

Staff at work | Eurooo

Eurooo staff during the delivery and installation of the products by Longhi

Eurooo currently collaborates with more than 4000 Italian and European brands of luxury furniture and building materials, thanks to its platform available in 11 languages. In the field of furniture and interior design, Eurooo is a spokesperson for Italian art and design. If you are interested in the products described above, visit our website and discover all the Longhi products. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of need!

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