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Christmas is close, don’t waste the chance to present a funny, trendy decoration

Christmas is close, don’t waste the chance to present a funny, trendy decoration

Christmas is coming, what a better chance to present an awesome piece of furniture. Get some gift ideas from here and make your house a cosier one. Not only furniture, rather trendy decorations

Only 10 days left until Christmas, have you already bought all the necessaries gifts? If not, no worries we are here to help you. If you still don’t know what take, be aware that according to latest studies, furniture are the most appreciated gifts during festivities.
However, mind the Christmas spirit. Try to present something beautiful, that may bring some joy, a funny decoration might be perfect.

The first suggestion for you is to check the brand Berry-7. It’s an Italian brand specialized in lamps. Their goal is to be creative while having fun. They break all the boundaries and bring their passion into a new field. A blend between nature and technology, local craftsmanship and industrial design. Enough? Not really. Their latest collection is directly inspired by the pop-culture.



Cactus lamp by Berry-7

Cactus lamp is entirely hand-made in Italy with the finest materials by their best artisans. Thought to be paired with a simple coffee table, might be placed in children bedroom. Funny, but still somehow pretty classy. Don’t like cactus?


Moka lamp by Berry-7

If you don’t like cactus lamp, try with the Moka one. Same production process and same pair of colours.
Both an appreciated gift and a pleasing object in your children bedroom. Both these lamps are available in different colours.

If you were thinking about something more “sophisticated” but you still want to keep the same mood, Meritalia is probably the right brand. They offer contemporary furniture with a special focus on amusement. The result is that all their customers sincerely appreciate the originality of their products. It was a hard challenge but they achieved to create products with a real value without overlooking the aesthetic.


O’Sole mio wall lamp by Meritalia

O’sole mio wall lamp is really an innovatice piece of furniture. It is a wall lamp, a clock and a decoration in the same time. How’s possible? The path of the sun last exactly 24 hours. Do you want to know something really interesting? Designers conceived it in 1971, but due to the lack of technology they were able to produce it only in 2007. It’s obviously possible to turn off the sun or regulate the intensity by using the remote control.


Pillowcase sofa by Meritalia

The eclecticism of this brand let them explore other fields. Not only the lighting world. Here we have an instance of their freedom of expression. A structure in rigid polyurethane, supporting feet in chromed metal. Multi-colour pillows that bring joy and curiosity to the whole room.

Have you seen? Is not too late to find the right gift. Funny, trendy decorations for your house.

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