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Modulnova, a new way to conceive the kitchen

Modulnova, a new way to conceive the kitchen

Modulnova, thanks to the high degree of customization and the even higher quality of its products, is now a trendsetter in the world of kitchen furniture

Modulnova is an italian brand producing furniture for kitchens, worldwide renowned for the high degree of customization offered and for the even higher quality of its products.

The name is a tribute to the Modulor, an anthropometric scale of proportions devised by the architect Le Corbusier. Thus, as we said before, the customer is the core of the brand and they focus all their efforts on satisfying his desires. Their goal is actually to produce one day the perfect kitchen system: a tailor-made system that satisfy both the stylistic and structural requirements.

They firmly believe that to be trendsetters it is really important to bring design and innovation even in the world of kitchen, sure that all this will lead to better performances. 


Kitchen wardrobe closed by Modulnova


Kitchen wardrobe opened by Modulnova

The first instance of being innovative, of bringing design in the world of kitchen. The kitchen wardrobe by Modulnova actually hides its nature until you don’t open it. The choice of the white to enhance the rigor of the shape is rather appreciated by the audience. A new architectural balance perfectly blended with the surroundings.


Kitchen cabinet by Modulnova

The kitchen cabinet by Modulnova is made up by several units with brushed white lacquered doors and side panels. The worktop is in white laminate. It’s available in several different materials and finishes.
The main feature of this image is the perfection of the composition, given by the disposition of the islands and the smart use of stools.


Fly cabinet by Modulnova

Fly cabinet by Modulnova with Corian countertop and white brushed lacquered finish. Looks like it is a single unit wooden made. During Christmas it’s easier to prepare everything if your countertop is a good one. Better not to overlook details.

Modulnova is the best choice for Christmas period. Thanks to the high quality of its product it makes everything much easier. If a customized kitchen is your long-lasting dream, do not hesitate and get one. Modulnova will make your Christmas period less stressful and your Christmas feast tastier.

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