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The classicism of Baroque through a modern spirit

The classicism of Baroque through a modern spirit

The complex and elaborate forms of Baroque art revive in the linearity and refinement of the most modern designs. This is the case of the furniture made in Italy of the brands Silik, AMClassico, Ar Arredamenti, Turri, Cornelio Cappellini and Bellotti Ezio.

On June 14, 2018, EUROOO completed the distribution and installation of some furnishing products related to the furnishing project of some luxury homes in the Xinghai Bay area of the Chinese city of Dalian. The furniture items we dealt with this time were: sofas, tables, beds, bedside tables of the SILIK brand; AMCLASSIC chairs; chairs, consoles, tables, and sofas AR ARREDAMENTI; beds of the brands TURRI and CORNELIO CAPPELLINI; cabinets and consoles signed BELLOTTI EZIO; table by AGOSTINI MOBILI.

On this occasion, the furnishing items we dealt with represent the excellence of Italian and European classical art, furniture able to create very strong atmospheres and features thanks to their details that, with their exquisite finishes, embellish the environment giving it an aristocratic appearance.



Founded in 1961, the Silik brand has become the spokesman of the classic and baroque style in furnishing accessories. Silik furniture is distinguished by its soft lines and design which, integrating modernity with traditional classicism, creates a splendid effect of elegance and beauty.

ADONE sofa | Silik | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

ADONE sofa | Silik | eurooo.com

ADONE sofa | Silik

Inspired by the Louvre collections, the details of Silik furniture are the result of precise and refined carvings by expert craftsmen. The Silik coffee table is made of beech wood, a very resistant and high quality wood.

Round table | Silik | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Round table | Silik

Round coffee table | Silik | eurooo.com

Round coffee table | Silik

Silik has established itself among the great international brands thanks to the high quality of every single detail of its products. The reference to the baroque style, typical of this brand, is embellished with innovative elements and strong temperament.

The Silik bed is very luxurious and, thanks to the lines, the colors and the metal inserts, creates an atmosphere of royalty.

Silik bed | Silik | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Silik bed | Silik


The colors are delicate, the details are gorgeous and finished; the atmosphere is noble and elegant, but at the same time calm and peaceful.The design is simply magnificent: lines are elegant, soft, sober and noble. The decorations are very creative and exude a rich exotic atmosphere.

AMC desk | AMClassic | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

AMC desk | AMClassic


AMC armchair | AMClassic


Living room furniture | AMClassic and Silik


The high-quality fabric, the hand-made carvings and the comfort of the seats project the artistic sense into a real love for furniture. The design of the sofa goes beyond the boundaries of beauty and gives furnishing a higher artistic value.

AR Arredamenti sofa | AR Arredamenti | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

AR Arredamenti sofa | AR Arredamenti

The table top is in walnut wood; the grain of the wood creates a strong visual impact, creating a luxurious atmosphere and placing the accent on the exquisiteness of this classic furniture. Made of warm walnut, the table top seems free and easy to sprinkle.

AR Arredamenti coffee table | AR Arredamenti | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

AR Arredamenti coffee table | AR Arredamenti

AR Arredamenti focuses on beautiful carvings and decorations, demonstrating how the special production process used has reached its peak. The delicate decorations of the master craftsmen lighten the structure of the furniture in a vortex of refinement in a retro style.


The table top is surrounded by a gold border, while the beautiful fabric chair gives off a vague sense of grandeur, creating a warm and full atmosphere.

Agostini Mobili table | Agostini Mobili | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Agostini Mobili table | Agostini Mobili


A bed with a classic design, with a modern and fashionable temperament; the predominance of gray is embellished with gold inserts and details, an interpretation of luxury in the style of classical elegance.

Turri bed | Turri | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Turri bed | Turri


The design of the bed is not full of sumptuous ornaments, but the effect of the lines that, simple and pure running along its structure, reveal the character of traditional oriental aesthetics.

Cornelio Cappellini bed | Cornelio Cappellini | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Cornelio Cappellini bed | Cornelio Cappellini


With its luxurious design, vivid carvings and pleasant delicacy to the eye, the Bellotti Ezio console gives the environment a regal luxury.

Bellotti Ezio side cabinet | Bellotti Ezio | Dalian - China | eurooo.com

Bellotti Ezio side cabinet | Bellotti Ezio

The classic European style lays its roots in the tradition of great Western civilization; it is an antique, elegant and romantic style, luxurious and precious, combining the meaning of beauty with the delicacy of design.

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