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Tom Dixon, an innovator in the field of lighting and furniture with the post-industrial style

Tom Dixon, an innovator in the field of lighting and furniture with the post-industrial style

Tom Dixon lighting and furniture are a remarkable instance of post-industrial style. Thanks to the smart use of industrial materials, he creates furniture made with recycled scraps.

Tom Dixon is a British designer and a proponent of the post-industrial style, an innovator in the field of lighting and furniture during the last century. After a decade spent as creative director of Habitat, in 2002 he set up its own company Tom Dixon LTD and he can freely propose his lighting creations. Nowadays, 16 years later the company set up, this brand is worldwide renowned in the field of interior furniture. During the years he turned his role from a mere designer into a true director, checking all the production process and even the marketing of the good.

At the beginning, as we said above, he was fully involved in the exploration of the use of industrial scraps with the aim to produce post-industrial style furniture. He later discovered the use of extruded polystyrene for furniture, as for the latest collection.

Let’s start with an overview of its post-industrial style lamps.

Fade sospension - Tom Dixon - Eurooo

 Fade sospension by Tom Dixon

A blow moulded polycarbonate light cannon that focuses the lightbulb's output, acting as the ultimate oversized spotlight. The shape recalls a tear and maintain the right balance of elegance and refinement.

Melt table lamp - Tom Dixon - Eurooo

Melt table lamp by Tom Dixon

Melt table lamp is first of all a great instance of the beautiful mind of Tom Dixon. Melt is a beautifully distorted lighting globe that creates a mesmerizing melting hot blown glass effect. Translucent when on and mirror-finish when off, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light.

Screw coffee table - Tom Dixon- Eurooo

Screw coffee table by Tom Dixon

The furniture produced by Tom Dixon is characterized by an innovative use of metals. Screw Table is a simple, honest design, inspired by materials and processes of the industrial revolution. Its rotating top on a threaded steel pole allows for adjustable height, while being sturdy, durable, elegant and ideally suited for use both inside and outside.

Wingback armchair - Tom Dixon - Eurooo

Wingback armchair by Tom Dixon

Wingback armchair is part of a collection which is a tribute to British classics, but all reshaped. The armchair in the picture is considered more as a sculptural object rather than a seating. It offers the best comfort either if you want to sleep or make a phone call.

These four products are only a tiny part of Tom Dixon collections, but you can already figure out its style and creativity. In a world full of styles and sectors Tom Dixon offers a new vision, which will likely leave a footprint in the world of lighting and furniture as it is already for the post-industrial style.


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