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Laminam and Serax, ceramic for your top-class kitchen

Laminam and Serax, ceramic for your top-class kitchen

Laminam and Serax, two different brands dealing with different products but sharing the same goal of improving the quality of your kitchen by using ceramic.

Today I want to introduce you two brands that might look far from each other, but that actually share common values and have a common goal. They both try to improve the quality of the kitchen by the use of a noble material like ceramic. Christmas is getting closer and closer, and most of you are likely already cooking for the big feast of the 24th. You want to make a special meal? Then, it is highly recommended to use a Laminam ceramic countertop to prepare it, and Serax ceramic tableware to serve your guests.

Laminam is a brand fully specialised in the production of ceramic slabs of customizable sizes, suitable for many kinds of environment. It is an Italian brand set up by Franco Stefani, a real trailblazer in the ceramics industry.

They decided to exploit the potential of ceramic in other fields rather than the conventional ones. Today we will focus on the use of ceramic for kitchen countertops, highlighting those features that make them special. Year by year they improved the quality of their production and nowadays it is normal to think about ceramic as a kitchen furnishing component.

Ceramic Cupboard | Laminam | Eurooo

Cucina Lube Ceramic Cupboard by Laminam

Laminam ceramic countertops are ideal for the most delicate use. The ceramic features provide a really high degree both of hygiene and resistance, and nobody ever complained about technical performances. The aesthetic virtues of ceramic and the large size of the countertop offer a major artistic advantage. That’s a remarkable instance of the wide range of possibilities offered by Laminam. It largely improves your performance. If you have it, you’re already considered a chef or even an artist.

Serax is the other brand you will read about. It’s a family-owned business which nowadays counts more than 30 years of experience. The destiny of the company radically changed when one of the two brothers who set up the company, Axel Van Den Bossche, met a ceramic artist, Roos van de Velde. The meeting between these two beautiful minds produced the tableware collection. Serax is now the first reference for Michelin chefs to provide them with their innovative ceramics that truly enhance the aesthetics of their dishes.

Ceramic dishes | Serax | Eurooo

The art of dining by Serax

This is part of the renowned ceramic tableware collection. Dishes and cups are made in ceramic, and the design is created by designers who have built up a strong reputation on the international art scene. Every collection is crafted traditionally, while the high quality of every Serax product represents the personality of this brand, a continuous search to create the good things that make life worth living and inspire happiness.

Bonus product

La Nouvelle | Serax | Eurooo

La nouvelle ceramic tableware by Serax


This is the La Nouvelle collection, one of the latest innovative ceramic tableware series introduced by Serax. With different shapes and colours but a minimalist shape, you can create several combinations. From now on, food will only be a part of your meal. Thanks to this newest tableware your experience will be complete and astonishing.

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