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Natuzzi, the comforts of life start from the sofa

Natuzzi, the comforts of life start from the sofa

A modern furnishing that combines comfort, aesthetic research and functionality? Just one word: Natuzzi.

On 2 June 2018, EUROOO completed the distribution and installation of some furniture products at the residential district Zhongqi Genshanfu in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The furniture we dealt with this time includes sofas, armchairs, footrests and beds of the Italian brand NATUZZI.


PIUMA bed | Natuzzi | eurooo.com

PIUMA bed | Natuzzi


Founded in 1959, from a small workshop in Puglia, Natuzzi has become a global leader in the sofa sector thanks to its almost 60 years of experience. Natuzzi sofas, chairs and armchairs are sold in more than 1,000 specialized shops in 123 countries worldwide. Over 6 million Italian families rely on these brand products and it is one of the best furniture manufacturers all over Italy.

TEMPO sofa, Natuzzi

The Tempo sofa by Natuzzi, with its elegance and sobriety, create a magnificent atmosphere in the living room. The high-quality leather fabric, modern design, craftsmanship and attention to every detail make this sofa an exemplary of very high quality.


TEMPO sofa | Natuzzi | eurooo.com

TEMPO sofa | Natuzzi


The yellow leather Tempo sofa adds a touch of freshness and brightness to the living room with its warm color, and pleasantly combines the atmosphere of the whole room. Furthermore, it gives vitality to furniture, without ever being unpleasant.

TEMPO sofa | Natuzzi | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com

TEMPO sofa | Natuzzi

Armchair RE-VIVE QUILTED, Natuzzi

The RE-VIVE QUILTED armchair by Natuzzi is in soft and comfortable leather. It is designed to adapt to every position when sitting on it. The backrest can be reclined, the cushion is extremely soft; the design, on the other hand, is modern and elegant, because even the eye wants its part!


Armchair RE-VIVE QUILTED | Natuzzi | eurooo.com

Armchair RE-VIVE QUILTED | Natuzzi


The footrest is an extra attention that Natuzzi addresses to its customers. Sitting with legs outstretched is the best way to relax and rest peacefully.

Imagine a chair, it can adapt to your posture and your position, which adjusts to your needs, which is soft and comfortable; imagine a moment of total peace and relaxation: this is the Re-Vive Quilted armchair by Natuzzi.

Armchair RE-VIVE QUILTED | Natuzzi | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com

Armchair RE-VIVE QUILTED | Natuzzi

PIUMA bed, Natuzzi

The design style is simple and sober, but does not betray the reliability and quality of Natuzzi products; the ring and the headboard of the bed are wrapped in exceptional quality leather. The mattress is made of polyurethane foam, a material that ensures maximum comfort and a better rest. Furthermore, the structure of the bed is very resistant, and ensures stability and durability over time.


PIUMA bed | Natuzzi | eurooo.com

PIUMA bed | Natuzzi


The EUROOO staff ensures that every process of installation or assembly of your furniture is carried out with the utmost precision and seriousness, this to allow you to fully enjoy the advantages of Italian furniture.

Eurooo staff | Natuzzi | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com


Natuzzi's PIUMA bed has been treated with the utmost care: the central structure of the bed is fixed to the two side ends with screws, which guarantees the best result in terms of strength and durability; the height of the bed has been carefully measured and uniformed so that the PIUMA bed by Natuzzi can transmit all its most exclusive qualities.

Natuzzi brand products are the perfect combination of modern design, high-quality materials, choice of colors and reliable functionality, qualities that are expressed in the harmony that every Natuzzi piece of furniture gives to the room. It could be argued that Natuzzi is therefore "a creator of harmony" who expresses beauty in the search of the perfection of every detail and in the manufacturing quality.

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