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Vondom: the modern minimalist luxury

Vondom: the modern minimalist luxury

Vondom, with its fluid and dynamic design, drives with passion the innovations in the furniture sector. Vondom represents the avant-garde of indoor and outdoor furniture.

Vondom furniture brand was founded in 2010 in Valencia, Spain; in just under a decade, Vondom has become one of the leading brands in the furniture industry for both interiors and exteriors. Vondom minimalist style adapts to any home, from the most modest to the most luxurious. In the summer of 2018, Vondom starred in the furnishing project (in pure minimalist design) of the luxurious Oslo House villa in Alicante, Spain.

Vondom has based its success on the culture of design, which always tries to surprise and, at the same time, to provide the best solutions to furnish with style and adding a touch of modernity more. Vondom constantly seeks collaboration with the best interior and exterior designers from around the world: the common idea is to transform every piece of furniture into a cutting edge expression channel.

VELA Sofa | VELA Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

VELA Sofa | Vondom

Vondom collections are always characterized by the great originality of its modern minimalist design and the use of eco-sustainable materials. Today we will discover two of the most indicative Vondom collections created by the Spanish designer Ramon Esteve: Vondom VELA Collection and Vondom FAZ Collection.



VELA Round Canopy | VELA Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

VELA Round Canopy | Vondom

VELA collection by Vondom includes furnishings, vases and outdoor decorations; the goal, shared by Vondom and Ramon Esteve, is to offer the same comfort and quality of interior design without losing functionality and originality.

VELA Sofa | VELA Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

VELA Sofa | Vondom

VELA collection is the most recent collection. Projected into the future, VELA furniture creates a futuristic atmosphere; in fact, every article of furniture can light up giving the feeling of floating works of art.



FAZ Armchair and FAZ Table | FAZ Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

FAZ Armchair and FAZ Table | Vondom

The geometric shapes, similar to minerals, are the main feature of Vondom FAZ collection. FAZ furniture’s design adapts to any space, and merging with it, while the material used to create them, as well as being of the highest quality, is completely eco-sustainable.

FAZ Armchair | FAZ Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

FAZ Armchair | Vondom

Another feature of Vondom FAZ collection is modularity: different furnishing items can be combined with each other without giving a sense of oppressed atmosphere, but the combination creates a sense of harmony and lightness.

FAZ Daybed | FAZ Collection | Vondom | eurooo.com

FAZ Daybed | Vondom

Vondom has gathered appreciation everywhere in the world, so that its showrooms are multiplying both in the West and in the East. The sophisticated soul, the cutting edge design and the passion for beauty are the keys of Vondom's success.

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