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A refined minimalism for a modern home

A refined minimalism for a modern home

The concept of making a room as functional as possible for a purpose is the cornerstone of minimalist design. Longhi, Flou, Stressless and Vitra are the brands that best represent the minimalist ideal for decorating your home.

On 12 September 2017, EUROOO completed the distribution and installation of some furniture products at the Wulin Yihao residential district in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The furniture brands we dealt with this time include LONGHI, FLOU, STRESSLESS and VITRA.

The city's never-ending rhythm, hectic urban life and intense work often cause the stress and high tiredness of many people. A remedy to find peace and serenity is to create a special place to relax, an environment where you can put aside, at least for a while, everyday problems: "home" means this. If then we can recreate in our homes, through the furniture, an atmosphere that reconciles to the rest, it is all earned.


VIVIENNE armchair, Longhi

The modern and simple style makes the Vivienne armchair of the Longhi brand an elegant and fashionable piece of furniture. The comfort of the seat and the quality of the materials, however, make the Vivienne armchair the inseparable companion for pleasant moments of relaxation. The modern minimalist style is based on three keywords: comfort, quality, design, three features incorporated by Longhi's Vivienne armchair.

Vivienne armchair | Longhi | eurooo.com

VIVIENNE armchair | Longhi

Founded in 1940, the Italian brand Longhi has specialized in the creation of traditional style furnishings, but with an eye always towards the modern. Refined and elegant, Longhi furniture are all handmade and made to measure. The Vivienne armchair is characterized by simple and modern design elements that lighten and make the classic style of the furnishing accessory even more pleasant and elegant.

Vivienne armchair | Longhi | eurooo.com

VIVIENNE armchair | Longhi

Bedside table ARI, Flou

The Italian brand Flou boasts a history of more than 40 years; Flou’s focus on the goal of creating furnishings and comfortable environments that, in addition to being functional, also can transmit happiness. Flou has distinguished itself in the creation of innovative furnishing accessories for the bedroom, constantly enriching and expanding its furniture collections. This is why Flou has always received great support from consumers all over the world.

Ari bedside table | Flou | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com

ARI bedside table | Flou

Ari bedside table by Flou has a very basic design; the simplicity of Ari bedside table, with its straight and sharp lines, but also delicate, communicate a sense of refinement and elegance without equal.

Ari bedside table | Flou | eurooo.com

ARI bedside table | Flou

SKYLINE reclining armchair, Stressless

Stressless brand is born in Northern Europe, more specifically in Norway, the home of minimalist style. The Skyline armchair recliner is designed to adapt to the curves of the hips and back of the body. Skyline armchair is equipped with a very resistant structure covered with soft white leather.

Skyline armchair | Stressless | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com

SKYLINE armchair | Stressless

Skyline armchair | Stressless | eurooo.com

SKYLINE armchair | Stressless

Office chair GRAND EXECUTIVE, Vitra

The foundation of the Swiss Vitra brand dates back to 1950. Vitra’s production process follows a ring-shaped scheme, in which the professionalism, excellence and innovative spirit of the designers are revealed to their maximum. Vitra's goal is to create aesthetically pleasing and functional interiors, furniture and home accessories.

Grand Executive office chair | Vitra | Hangzhou - China | eurooo.com

GRAND EXECUTIVE office chair | Vitra

Vitra Grand Executive office chair has a very stable and sturdy structure covered with luxurious leather. The highest quality of materials is combined with the innovative modern design, creating a piece of furniture for refined tastes.

Grand Executive office chair | Vitra | eurooo.com

GRAND EXECUTIVE office chairVitra

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