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Calligaris: Italian leader in the luxury furniture field

Calligaris: Italian leader in the luxury furniture field

One of the latest projects by Eurooo in China

On 19th October 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some products within the Rose Garden project in Qingdao, China. The products delivered this time are the products by Calligaris: sofas, beds, coffee tables and chairs.

Calligaris was founded in 1923 by Antonio Calligaris, now about 95 years ago. Following the investments made by the world famous Louis Vuitton group, Calligaris has become the first Italian brand with the greatest diffusion in the world, thanks to its presence in more than 90 countries. The Veneto region, one of the richest and supplied in the furniture sector in Italy, is famous in the furniture sector thanks to Calligaris as well.

Sweet sofa

Since its foundation, Calligaris has constantly experimented with the most innovative materials, the latest technologies and the most innovative designs, in order to create a decor that is in tune with who owns it.

Sweet sofa | Calligaris | Eurooo

Sweet leather sofa by Calligaris

The rounded and voluminous shape of this sofa creates magic but at the same time comfort and safety. The delicate and elastic fabrics and the utmost care in processing guarantee maximum rest and absolute comfort.

Sweet sofa | Calligaris | Eurooo

Sweet single sofa by Calligaris

Dining table with chairs

Elegant, refined and impactful. The high quality of this wooden dining table by Calligaris is able to reflect the well-kept style of the environment. Thanks to its special extendable design, it is adaptable and represents a strong appeal to the comfort, as always desired by Calligaris.

Anais table and chairs | Calligaris | Eurooo

Anais table with chairs by Calligaris

The natural grain of the wood, the polished surface and the delicate style make the Calligaris chairs a product out of the ordinary.

Anais chair | Calligaris | Eurooo

Anais chair by Calligaris

Juliet chair

Calligaris products are the perfect combination of technological and aesthetic innovation, reason and emotion, modern design and flexibility. The Juliet chair is simple and elegant. The backrest is thin at the top and fits perfectly to the body lines, ensuring the best posture and the maximum rest.

Juliet chair | Calligaris | Eurooo

Juliet chair by Calligaris

The unique supporting design of this chair is one of its strong points. The soft curves, the solid metal base, the elegant leather upholstery and every other detail reveal the luxurious character of the highly prestigious Calligaris furniture.

Juliet chair | Calligaris | Eurooo

Juliet chair by Calligaris

Danny coffee table

Small, elegant, flexible and easy to move. The Danny table can be used as a decorative element in the living room, but it is also useful as a glove compartment, allowing at the same time a considerable saving of space and thus making the living room more open and spacious.

Danny coffee table | Calligaris | Eurooo

Danny coffee table by Calligaris

Seattle wooden shelf

The elegant woodwork and simple but functional design make the Seattle shelf a useful but at the same time design element in the living room.

Seattle shelf | Calligaris | Eurooo

Seattle wooden shelf by Calligaris

Softly double bed

The padded headboard, the minimalist design and the simple but elegant structure make the Softly bed a unique piece of furniture. The high quality of the materials and the detailed processing mainly focus on providing comfort, design and functionality, providing an even healthier, safe and comfortable living space.

Softly double bed | Calligaris | Eurooo

Softly double bed by Calligaris

Casual, simple and elegant, the Softly bed reflects the relaxed and elegant Italian lifestyle. It is certainly the best choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and first choice home.

Softly double bed | Calligaris | Eurooo

Softly double bed by Calligaris

Calligaris pays particular attention to the choice of fabrics, combining a rigorous production process and testing the high quality of its products. Thanks to all these qualities, Calligaris products have earned the recognition of its customers all over the world.

Eurooo currently collaborates with over 4,700 brands of Italian and European furniture and building materials. Building a platform of services and information on the most reliable high-end resources in the world is the mission of Eurooo! If you are interested in Calligaris products, check its products and do not hesitate to contact us!

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