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Kartell, leading the pack through iconic plastic furniture

Kartell, leading the pack through iconic plastic furniture

Kartell is a leading player in the field of furniture, thanks to its great effort on rethinking the role of plastic in furniture

Kartell is an Italian furniture brand founded in 1949, one of the symbols of Made in Italy around the world. Thanks to the collaboration with some of the best international designer they have gained the market trust and the respect of all the competitors.

A great instance of the greatness of this brand is given by the Kartellmuseo, a museum built in 1999 nearby the headquarter. Winner of the Guggenheim Business and Culture award as the best company museum, it is a place that both promotes and enhances the intangible cultural heritage of the company.  

Talking about its products, it is impossible not to mention the so called “invisible tables and chairs”, moulded plastic furniture immediately recognisable for the emotion they generate, their durability and the undisputed quality.

When introducing the brand Kartell, a thing that must be clear in your mind is the plastic culture. Kartell places a great value on the use of plastics, they completely change the perception of it. Furniture made of plastic are no more functional object but rather a real luxury product.

So, what’s the goal of Kartell? Create the “industrial revolution” within the home.

What are the new features introduced by Kartell in the world of plastic-made furniture? Satin-finish, durability, special colours, transparency.  Kartell plastic furniture are not only functional and practical but also sensual and precious. The result is the huge success achieved by the iconic plastic chairs and tables.


Invisible table by Kartell

When Kartell designers announced the addition of the first single mould transparent table made of plastic to the catalogue, the enthusiasm was higher than ever. What is absolutely remarkable, is the ability of leading the pack. They have pioneered a new way to intend furniture.
Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, the invisible table by Kartell is a combination of solidity and lightness.


Louis Ghost armchair by Kartell

Louis Ghost armchair is made of transparent and coloured polycarbonate. Despite its simple appearance, this armchair has hidden features. Wherever it is placed, this armchair gives elegance and style to the environment.

We have introduced two great instances of the use of plastic for furniture by Kartell’s designers, it is a great tribute to the plastic culture.

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