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EUROOO at Imm Cologne, starting 2019 in a good way

EUROOO at Imm Cologne, starting 2019 in a good way

From the 14th to the 20th of January, Cologne hosts the International furniture and interiors fair, Eurooo is obviously there

Eurooo, represented by Sir Alberto Erba and Sir Abhishek Rao, is currently participating at the international furniture and interiors fair of Cologne, the IMM Cologne.
Moreover, the Living Kitchen fair is also taking place at the same venue, an exposition fully dedicated to the world of kitchens.


What a better chance for Eurooo to greet some old friends and to discover all the newest trends in the world of furniture. In fact, the Imm cologne is the greatest choice for those who want to showcase inspiring interior ideas, and likely all the best designers from all the best furniture brands will be there.

Being the first international furniture and interiors fair of the year, Imm Cologne has gained the honour to open the year of design. Thus, professional visitors were looking forward to attending the fair and to discovering the latest ideas and trends for the 2019.

The interiors market overview provided by IMM Cologne is divided into 6 sections in order to facilitate the visitors ‘experience:

- Pure: The avant garde of international design, the chance for brands to let visitors fully understand their vision. Brands can actually stage their world on a grand scale.
- Comfort: All those products which have a connection with the word upholstery like armchairs or sofas.
- Prime: Living and bedroom solutions, high-end furniture of all kinds characterised by high quality and stylish aesthetic.
- Smart: As the name suggests, it contains furniture for young lifestyles. It offers smart solutions for living and bedroom.
- Sleep: All you may need for sleeping. From mattresses to sleep systems.
- Global lifestyles: From lighting to accessories and unusual sculptures, all those things that give a touch of uniqueness to your house.


Living kitchen differently from IMM Cologne presents kitchens in all their aspects. Taking place every two years, it is the world’s biggest fair for kitchens. Not only kitchen furnishings but also electrical appliances and accessories. It’s impossible to find everywhere else this mix in such depth.


We can’t hide our happiness for attending once again this amazing event. Imm Cologne and Living kitchen together are a unique occasion for Eurooo to greet some old friends and to make new ones. As one of the biggest e-commerce furniture platforms of the world it is really important to keep updated on the latest trends.      

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