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Luxxu, enlighted by immensity.

Luxxu, enlighted by immensity.

Luxxu is the reference luxury design, quality and innovation. If you still have fear of the dark, Luxxu is one of the luxury brands you must know.

Luxxu is a Portuguese brand leader in the luxury furniture sector. Luxxu's collections include contemporary furniture for the modern homes; but what made Luxxu so great and made this brand one of the best known in the world, it’s Luxxu’s best lighting solutions for the most luxurious homes.

Luxxu is the inspirer and creator of many ideas and solutions for home lighting. Luxxu's modern design combines the most traditional and classic forms with a contemporary and avant-garde expression. The Luxxu world is a world that is based on the search for an exclusive and refined atmosphere, where you can find beauty in every detail.

TRUMP chandelier | Luxxu | eurooo.com

TRUMP chandelier | Luxxu

Luxxu's philosophy floats on three main concepts: luxury, elegance and personality. The excellence of every single detail of modern Luxxu chandeliers is rediscovered in the use of the most prestigious materials: from 24k gold-plated brass, to velvet, to Swarovski crystals. The result is always a product that combines modern design and elegance, and that has the power to elevate and give a refined atmosphere to the environment that surrounds it.

GUGGENHEIM chandelier | Luxxu | eurooo.com

GUGGENHEIM chandelier | Luxxu

Luxxu is constantly looking for elegant functionality. Luxxu also occupies a leading international position for its cutting-edge proposals, the definition of trends and the concept of interior lighting.

EMPIRE XL chandelier | Luxxu | eurooo.com

EMPIRE XL chandelier | Luxxu

Luxxu represents a new lighting experience. This is why Luxxu does not only produce interior lighting, but offers intense experiences and sensations. Each item is handmade by expert craftsmen who are able to create, every time, the best solution to illuminate your homes.

BABEL suspension | Luxxu | eurooo.com

BABEL suspension | Luxxu

For some, luxury is this: being able to travel without ever leaving, abandoning oneself to nostalgia, love and passion for a place, or for a person. Luxxu is, in this sense, the reference point for luxury.

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