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The right parquet for the most elegant house!

The right parquet for the most elegant house!

Tavar, a company specialized in the production of indoor and outdoor parquet, arrives in China thanks to the project by Eurooo

On 18th November 2018, Eurooo completed the distribution and installation of some products by Tavar, during the Xiangshan Meishu project in Shenzhen, China.

Lamparquet, herringbone wooden parquet

The Italian brand Tavar praises years of experience in the production of wooden floors. With Tavar, history and culture are never forgotten and the choice of a design that respects the tradition and the use of the solid wood are a distinctive feature of this brand.

Lamparquet parquet | Tavar | Eurooo

Herringbone wooden parquet Lamparquet by Tavar

From the Teatro alla Scala in Milan to the Capodimonte Museum in Naples, from the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome to the Kremlin in Mexico, all these buildings and many others have undergone the typical mark of Tavar.

Tavar not only deals with interior floors, but offers also a wide range of solutions suitable for outdoor environments.

Deck parquet | Tavar | Eurooo

Deck parquet by Tavar

Wood processing, carried out according to the Tavar technique, begins with the import of unprocessed logs of wood. The processing also requires a dry environment in order to ensure that the wood maintains its natural level of moisture, kept unaltered thanks to a low-humidity environment. After this, the wood is dried with a delicate baking in the oven, keeping the humidity of the material around 9%. This rigorous production process gives the final product the highest quality and the best conservation.

Contract parquet | Tavar | Eurooo

Contract parquet by Tavar

The control and continuous development of the machines and a careful choice of materials guarantee the maximum safety to all Tavar customers. Thanks to its long experience, Tavar is able to guide and supervise the entire production process, taking care of the smallest detail in each phase and therefore representing a real guarantee for all its customers.

Herringbone parquet

Herringbone parquet

Eurooo currently collaborates with over 4,700 furniture and building materials brands in Italy and in Europe. Building the most reliable service platform in the field of furniture and building materials is the mission of Eurooo! If you are interested in the following Tavar products, do not hesitate to contact us!

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