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A young and avant-garde style: MOJOW, create your own furniture!

A young and avant-garde style: MOJOW, create your own furniture!

Mojow creates, and lets you create, unique furnishing solutions for the interiors and exteriors of your home. Forget boredom and get closer to the nonconformist Mojow universe!

Born in French, Mojow is an absolute novelty in the field of indoor and outdoor furniture: Mojow revolutionizes the idea of furnishing proposing an innovative and nonconformist concept that provides for the creation of furnishing items made of a metal structure with inflatable seats and backrests. Equipped with a strong personality, Mojow furniture presents timeless lines and shapes, suitable to revive the atmosphere of a room or to offer a pleasant relaxation to guests in the garden.

Yomi | Yoko | Mojow | eurooo.com

MOJOW: different looks for different spirits

Mojow reinvents furniture by creating chic, trendy furnishings with a unique style. The particular design of the Mojow armchairs and sofas is characterized by the combination of the vintage spirit of the inflatable structures with metal legs, bringing a decidedly contemporary and avant-garde touch. Mojow collections are offered with transparent or opaque inflatable parts in many colors, even in very bright fluorescent shades.

Very resistant, quick to assemble and disassemble and easy to move, Mojow furniture is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. But they can also become a practical solution for those who move frequently or for those who love the whimsical and different interiors.

YOMI armchair | Mojow | eurooo.com

YOMI armchair customization | Mojow | eurooo.com

Customized YOMI armchair | Mojow | eurooo.com

MOJOW: express your self

You can customize any Mojow furniture item in do-it-yourself mode: thanks to the double-valve system, everyone can express their personality, creativity and originality! The personalized compositions will stand out even more thanks to the transparency of the materials, and will give you the chance to amaze your guest!

Designed for outdoors and indoors, Mojow furniture is suitable for all places and styles. The product range includes two collections: YOMI and YOKO.



The design of the Yomi collection can be defined as "vintage revisited", which integrates well into any type of style. The timeless shapes of Mojow's Yomi collection items fit in harmony with all styles of furniture. The sofas, armchairs and chaise longues are designed to create a relaxing space where comfort is combined with the liveliness of colors.


Canapè Yomi Vert | Mojow

Canapè Yomi Wood Rouge | Mojow | eurooo.com

Canapè YOMI WOOD ROUGE | Mojow


The Yoko collection is characterized by an urban-chic style with geometric lines and balanced volumes.

Fauteuil YOKO ORANGE XL | Mojow | eurooo.com

Fauteuil YOKO ORANGE XL | Mojow

Fauteuil YOKO VERT XL | Mojow | eurooo.com

Fauteuil YOKO VERT XL | Mojow

With Mojow you are welcome into a universe of innovative and unconventional furniture design, in which simplicity and creative inspiration are the keypoints: Mojow, do it yourself!

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