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Top 3 bathroom brands in 2019, discover a luxury bathroom experience.

Top 3 bathroom brands in 2019, discover a luxury bathroom experience.

What’s better than a well-furnished bathroom? Discover 3 of the best bathroom brands in 2019 for a luxury bathroom experience.

What is the most intimate room in your apartment? What is the most difficult room to furnish in a house? Both these questions have the same answer; the bathroom, of course.

We don’t want you to underestimate the importance of the bathroom in your house, so we are going to give you few tips not to take wrong decisions. You will read about 3 brands that surely will leave a mark during this year. DuravitGeberit and Maison Valentina.



Duravit is a German brand with more than 200 years of experience. Even if it is hard to believe, once upon a time even Duravit was a small company; nowadays this high-quality bathroom furniture brand counts more than 5000 employees worldwide and the production is wider than ever: washbowls, basins, sanitary.

Senso Wash offers the best hygiene possible. It also offers all of the advantages of a shower-toilet seat and is the perfect entry-level item for those who value purism and simplicity.


Senso Wash Starck shower toilet by Duravit

The second brand you will read about is Geberit. It is a European leading player in the field of sanitary products, set up in 1874. The greatness of their bathroom furniture is given by their smart use of the latest technologies combined with quality and efficiency of research and development.


Geberit bathroom collection

Not only technologically advanced bathroom fittings, but also great attention to the style. This is a bathroom composed by products of their latest collection.

The last brand you will discover is Maison Valentina. It is a Portuguese worldwide renowned brand thanks to its high-end bathroom furniture. Its luxury solutions combine the use of the finest materials with a rare precision of craftsmanship. 




Gold and black bathroom décor by Maison Valentina

This gold and black bathtub is part of a collection including sophisticated bathroom fixtures with contemporary designs. The choice of colors is really appealing. The Maison Valentina diamond bathtub is surely a masterpiece.


As you read and discovered in this article bathroom’s brands have so many things to offer. Not only functionality, but also furniture for a true luxury bathroom experience.

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